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 Guinea Pig in yellow flowers.



Our Aquarium is Done Wright!

Visitors to our clinic love our 300-gallon fresh water fish tank and are always curious about the fish that live inside. The main inhabitants are African Rift Lake cichlids along with a couple bushy nose plecos, some synodontis catfish, and an assortment of Lake Malawi cichlids.

They are all freshwater fish that come from Africa and the great rift lakes! To keep it looking it’s best, a 40 to 50% water change is performed on the tank each month.

Joshua Wright at Aquariums Done Wright is our aquarium master and has been interested in aquariums and reptiles most of his life. He started Aquariums Done Wright approximately seven years ago. His favorite part of the job is helping people create successful aquariums they can be proud of and he likes teaching his clients, many of whom are like extended family. He loves that he gets to bring his interest and excitement to people’s homes and places of business, and takes enjoyment from watching the ecosystem grow, starting from basically a blank box to something that is diverse in many different species of different kinds of organisms. Joshua studied bio in school, but learned how to observe living creatures on his own. Stop by anytime and check out our amazingly colorful display, and if you’d like to contact Joshua, visit