The Truth About FIV in Cats

Cat wellness care.

Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) is a lentivirus that attacks and weakens the immune system. Characterized by a relatively long incubation period, FIV in cats is both common and dangerous. 

To support a cat’s vitality and longevity, prevention is key. There is no known cure for FIV in cats, but there are effective strategies for managing symptoms of the disease.


Alopecia: What to Do About Hair Loss in Dogs

Dog hair loss.

Seasonal shedding is common in spring and fall as dogs prepare their coats for the hot summer and cold winter. This is part of a normal process and, unless you see other worrisome symptoms, shedding will eventually subside. 

Alopecia in dogs refers to partial or complete loss of hair on certain parts of the body. Unlike routine shedding, alopecia is not part of a seasonal pattern. This type of hair loss in dogs can be connected to various medical conditions, although sometimes occurs for no known reason. Treatment can be highly effective if a dog is seen right away. 


Leapin’ Lizards: How to Achieve Top Marks in Bearded Dragon Health

Bearded dragon in terrarium.

The ancestors of today’s pet bearded dragons hailed from inland Australia where they enjoyed the arid climate. During the day they could be found climbing trees, rocks, or posts; at night they hid in underground burrows. Equipped to withstand both high and low temperatures, bearded dragons use their tongues to explore their environment. 


What’s the Bladder With You? Common Urinary Problems in Pets

Cat with urinary issues.

Some pet owners will never know the pain, confusion, and disruption associated with urinary issues in pets. Others, unfortunately, have enough experience that they can recognize the specific symptoms right away. 

Any cat or dog breed can be affected by problems with the urinary tract (which includes the bladder, ureters, urethra, and kidneys), but pets that are predisposed for diabetes, Cushing’s disease, and hypothyroidism may be at higher risk. Both new and knowledgeable pet owners can become unnerved by urinary problems in pets, and getting help right away is crucial to relieving their pain. 


How Veterinary Online Stores Can Help Make Your Life Easier

Dog and cat shopping at veterinary online store.

At Springbrook Animal Care Center, we are all about making your life easier in whatever way we can. In addition to our full-service veterinary care, we also have a veterinary online store that simplifies the process of getting some of the most important necessities for your pets. With the help of our online store, you can do the following:


The Fungus Among Us: When Your Pet Has Ringworm

Sad bulldog that has ringworm sitting at desk.

If there’s an upside to ringworm, perhaps it’s the fact that it’s not a parasitic worm that feeds off of pets and people alike. The downside, of course, is that ringworm is a skin disease caused by a fungus. Responsible for causing circular, inflamed lesions, ringworm looks a lot like a worm curling up on the skin. It infects the skin, hair, and nails and causes various uncomfortable symptoms. What’s worse is that if your pet has ringworm they can easily spread it to other pets in the home – and to people, as well.


Springbrook Veterinary Advice: Your Pet and Water

A Springbrook pet needing help with their water.

When it comes to caring for all of your pet’s needs, there’s a lot to juggle. They depend on you for complete, balanced nutrition, daily exercise, mental stimulation, monthly parasite prevention, training, and so much more. Pets need water, too. But the exact equation of water in/water out isn’t always straightforward. How do you know if your pet is drinking enough water every day? To prevent dehydration, our Springbrook veterinary advice involves closely monitoring their habits:


Springbrook Veterinary Care: Anal Glands 101

Springbrook dog with anal glands.

You care for your pet in every way possible. From a quality diet to preventive care with vaccinations and parasite preventions, everything you do matters when it comes to keeping them healthy and thriving.

Springbrook Animal Care Center knows that good pet grooming is important as well. Things like preventing matting and keeping long nails tamed can make a huge difference. That is why we include these types of things in our Springbrook veterinary care offerings along with education and care of your pet’s anal glands, a little body part that can make a big stink.


Why You Should Spay Or Neuter Your Pet

Black and white cat curled up in blanket.

It’s hard not to love kittens and puppies, which makes some people reluctant to spay or neuter their pets. There is ample evidence that pet overpopulation results in some dire circumstances, however. When animals aren’t spayed or neutered, there are more stray animals, increased contagious diseases that spread through the community, crowded shelters, and an increased number of pets being euthanized.