What Every Pet Owner Should Know About Leash Training

Leash training.

Obedience training is great for helping your dog figure out his place in your home, but it also brings many other benefits to improve his life. Learning to follow commands like “stay,” “come,” and “leave it” can prevent dogs from chasing prey, running into traffic, or encountering wildlife. But one of the greatest assets of obedience training is leash training. When dogs know your expectations, you can both enjoy walks or runs together even more.


The Benefits of Buying Medication Through Your Vet

Dog taking medication.

Point. Click. Pay. Done. The convenience of online shopping has made it possible to have virtually anything delivered to your doorstep. But when it comes to your pet’s medication, it pays to shop at the doctor’s office. 

At Springbrook Animal Care Center, we genuinely care about your pet’s safety and well-being. Our tailored preventive care plans are designed to keep your pets healthy, but when a prescription is necessary, we advocate for purchasing pet medications only from veterinarians. 


Recommendations for Traveling with a Sick Pet

Traveling with a sick pet can take extra pet travel planning.

Travel helps us expand our horizons and learn about new people and places. Whether you’re in the sky or on the road, bringing your pet affords them the same opportunities, but it also warrants many special considerations. Preparations can be quite extensive, especially when traveling with a sick pet or one with certain health risks. The pet experts at Springbrook Animal Care Center are here with some helpful tips to make sure your pet remains safe and that all the essentials are covered.

How to Know?

The Humane Society has some great travel safety tips for pets in good general health. While the recommendations are similar for pets who are ill, it is important to take unique considerations and heightened vigilance. For example, air travel can be risky for all pets, but flying with a sick pet can be downright dangerous–especially if they’re in the cargo area.


My Dog Ate Chocolate: Safe Holiday Treats for Pets and Those to Avoid

Holiday pet treats.

For a lot of families, food is a big focus around the holidays. Whether it’s preparing delicious meals for the family, appetizers for a holiday party, or baked goods, food is a huge part of our holiday celebrations in America. Unfortunately, many of the ingredients that are in popular holiday treats can be toxic to your pets, and, if ingested, can cause serious harm


Gobble! Gobble! Thanksgiving Pet Safety

Thanksgiving pet safety.

Many of us consider our pets to be part of our family, making their inclusion in family holidays a natural course of action; and Thanksgiving is no exception. As with many of our favorite festive occasions, though, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to Thanksgiving and pets.

Although it might be tempting to share treats from the Thanksgiving table, it is important to take a moment to learn about which foods can make your four-legged friend sick, and which are safe to share. We want you to spend the day giving thanks for the life and love you share, rather than for finding emergency veterinary care on a major holiday.


Goblins and Broomsticks: Halloween Pet Safety Do’s and Don’t’s

Halloween pet safety.

Fall is a wonderful time to re-visit the lessons we all learned at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but instead of fictional wizards and witches, you may have to prepare for live ones ringing your doorbell and shrieking down the block.

While Halloween provides countless opportunities for fun, frivolity, and a good scare or two, your pet may have other ideas. While it is possible that he or she may seek out the crowds and noise, it’s more likely that he or she finds hiding beneath your flannel sheets more appealing.

Whatever your pet’s preference, we offer these solid Halloween pet safety tips sure to keep everyone safe this year.


Improve Your Life, Adopt a Dog

Dog adoption.

It is impossible to know the extent of a dog’s influence on a human’s life until you share every possible experience with a member of the canine family. Watching a dog sleep? One of life’s greatest gifts. Working with a pup toward a new skill like swimming or agility training? Priceless. Whatever’s on the agenda, dogs are active, interested participants. And it’s their simple presence that makes owning a dog delightfully life-affirming.


Answers to 5 of the Most Googled Dog Questions

A woman and her dog at the computer.

Some of your dog’s odd behaviors are simply your dog being a dog! But if your dog’s behavior changes suddenly, or he displays behavior that clearly conveys he’s not well, please schedule a visit with one of the pet experts at Springbrook Animal Care Center