It is our mission to provide the dogs, cats, pocket pets, birds, and reptiles of the Naperville area with the most advanced, comprehensive veterinary care available. From veterinary surgery and preventive pet care to doggy daycare services and grooming, expect the best from the pet experts at Springbrook Animal Care Center.

Springbrook Animal Care Center:
There’s a Reason We’re Called “The Pet Experts”

When you invite a pet into your family, you accept the responsibility of providing for his or her physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. At Springbrook Animal Care Center, we take the commitment you make to your pet seriously. We are dedicated to treating every animal that comes through our doors with the same care, compassion, and expertise we would use with our own pets.

Our hospital has overnight staffing and on-call veterinarians, and that means you can call us in the middle of the night to determine if your pet needs immediate care or can be treated the next day.

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