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Victoria Buhler

Victoria Buhler Victoria’s goal is to strengthen and build relationships between dogs and their handlers in order to improve their lives and create happier and healthier futures. She believes in Positive Reinforcement and fun when it comes to training. She really loves working with pets of all kinds and has experience with dogs, cats, some exotics and horses.

Victoria grew up with dogs and around cats and learned to ride a horse at the age of 11. She began her animal career working at Naperville Animal Hospital at the age of 16. After receiving an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts from COD, Victoria got married and moved to Alberta, Canada where she worked as a Veterinary Technician Assistant for two years. Lucky for us that she and her husband returned to IL and she joined the Springbrook team in the same role!

Evaluator LogoShe has read a ton of canine behavioral books and papers, and her love of training led her to a trainer position at PetSmart. She has a lot of experience working with both adult dogs and puppies (as well as some cats)! She has 2 rescue dogs (Azula – German Shepherd/Rottweiler and Penny – Lab/Boxer) who are both Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Certified, a bearded dragon, and a young son!

Victoria also ran trick classes at PetSmart and is working toward becoming certified to evaluate for CGC. She enjoys continuing education and is always growing her skills and knowledge. She believes that training lasts for a lifetime and helps both pet and pet parent live life to the fullest!

Current Training Class Offerings Include:

Puppy, built for those that have recently brought a new puppy into the family.

Beginner, built specifically for those that have either a newly adopted adult dog or an adult dog that is already living with them. It is never too late to train your dog, and we are here to help!

Intermediate, built for those that have already taken a puppy or beginner class with us and are looking to learn how to apply what they have learned as well as add in new behaviors.

Benefits of training for new puppies and/or new furry members of the family at any age:

In addition to the basics of sit, stay, come, leave it and potty training, Victoria’s goal is to help pet parents better understand their four leg companions, build a strong foundation of trust and cooperation, strengthen and solidify bonds, and ultimately help them to navigate the everyday world together as a team.

*Dogs MUST be age 12 weeks and older and up to date on vaccines including H3N2 flu vaccine! Please call and confirm with your veterinary clinic.

Classes held at Springbrook Animal Care Center
2759 Forgue Dr. Naperville, IL 60564

To register: Call 630.428.0500

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