A veterinary technician is a veterinary nurse.When you bring your pet in to The Pet Experts, you know your beloved family member is going to be in good hands. Whether for a preventive care exam, a dental cleaning, or if your pet is sick, our team of client service representatives, veterinary technicians and doctors are here to provide the very best customer service and advanced veterinary medical care.

Each member of our team is valued and appreciated, and our veterinary technicians are no exception. National Veterinary Technician Appreciation Week is October 14- 20th, 2018. This week is designated each year to give veterinarians, managers and pet owners a chance to recognize the hard work, dedication, and expertise of our talented technicians.

What is a Veterinary Technician?

You of course know our team, but do you know what a veterinary technician is? Veterinary technicians are similar to human registered nurses. Simply put, they care for animal patients, educate clients and the public, and assist veterinarians in the delivery of veterinary care.

Each state has a different requirement for credentialing, but all technicians must attend school and take state board examinations before they can be awarded the veterinary technician designation.  This commitment allows credentialed technicians to become experts in caring for animals and hones important skills that veterinarians rely on every day.

Ask any of our veterinarians: they will passionately tell you they simply could not do their jobs without veterinary technicians!

What Do Veterinary Technicians Do?

The skills and duties of a veterinary technician reach wide and far. This is one of the things that makes the job so exciting – there’s never a dull moment! Some of the essential responsibilities are:

  • Taking a medical history and vital signs for each pet’s exam
  • Performing laboratory testing
  • Taking radiographs
  • Assessing patient pain and discomfort
  • Assisting the veterinarian in surgery
  • Performing prescribed laser therapy treatments
  • Monitoring anesthesia before, during, and after procedures and surgeries
  • Providing nursing care and TLC to hospitalized and recovering patients
  • Providing updates and information to the veterinarian on patient status and well being
  • Answering client questions and providing client education

Veterinary technicians are highly trained to provide an expert level of pet medical care, and this training and education never ends. They are required to keep current in new medical advancements, techniques, technology and skills. In addition to the veterinary technician credential, there are also technician specialties that some individuals choose to attain. These include surgery, anesthesia, emergency and critical care, and oncology, to name a few.

Perhaps the most noticeable attribute of veterinary technicians, though, is their love for animals and their dedication to animal welfare. We all know our pets can’t talk to tell us where it hurts or how they feel, and veterinary technicians have a special affinity to be able to connect with pets to help get them on the road to feeling their best.

Take some time to get to know our veterinary technicians, and show them your appreciation this week! Call us if you need ideas on how to celebrate them – we’ll be celebrating all week, too.

Thank you to our veterinary technician team, for all you do.