CourtneyIt takes a special person to become a veterinary technician, and we believe the most talented and passionate professionals are here, each and every day, at Springbrook Animal Care Center.

The kindness you and your pets receive from our vet techs stems from one simple truth: they love animals. The field and daily work of veterinary technology can be demanding, but the rewards are pure. In honor of National Veterinary Technician Week, October 13 – 18, we want to give a shout out to our amazing team of vet techs who demonstrate extraordinary dedication to the welfare of animals.

Vet Techs Know the Pulse of Our Practice

Although vet techs will not diagnose disease, prescribe medication, or perform surgery, they are present in every other way possible in Colleen2 the care of your pet. They welcome patients and acquire your pet’s history or symptoms. They also take necessary vital signs, all while helping you help your pet. Vet techs, not unlike the nurse attending your personal physician, provide meaningful and vital assistance to the veterinarian. For example, a vet tech will restrain or stabilize your pet during an exam or procedure in ways that are as calming and non-threatening as possible.

In addition to working extremely well with animals, our vet techs are also highly skilled at working with our clients. Pet owners have appropriate concerns regarding their pet’s health and vet techs are their go-to for care questions, nutrition, and product recommendations. Our vet techs bounce back and forth between us, our patients (your pet), and our clients (you). That can be a tough balance to strike, and we are pleased and proud of the delicate ways our staff manages the differences between people and their pets.

Keeping the Ball Rolling

Our vet techs have been formally trained and their credentials and professional experience are top-notch. However, to continue offering the best care for your pet, we support the ongoing education of our vet techs. Staying current on advances in their field allows them to remain on the cutting edge. Their previous and ongoing training coupled with their good-humor, dedication, and passion, creates the most unique and valuable experience for our clients.

Kudos Vet Techs!

Ali One week to recognize and celebrate our fabulous vet techs doesn’t seem like enough time but we will do our best to honor their accomplishments and hard work.

Our vet techs have a challenging job. Frankly, it’s downright tough sometimes, especially when dealing with an aging or ailing pet. The required compassion and versatility isn’t easy to come by. We are honored to employ and work with the sharpest and skilled vet techs who make it all look easy and fun.

Kudos to you, Ali, Bianca, Colleen, Courtney, Emily and LeAndrea! You are simply astonishing!