Two dogs running in a field

To care deeply for animals is a privilege. When they are healthy and happy, we are, too. Similarly, it can be very difficult to watch a pet feel pain. 

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a magic wand to help them through illness or injury? In a way, we do! The technology behind companion laser therapy might sound a little Back to the Future, but this modality has stood the test of time, benefitting pets in multiple ways.

Pay It Forward

The Pet Experts at Springbrook Animal Care Center are committed to providing the highest quality care to our animal patients. To that end, we embrace cutting edge technologies and treatments standing at the forefront of veterinary medicine.

Tried and Tested

Companion laser therapy is just one way we can positively affect a pet’s pain following an illness, injury or surgery. While it remains relatively new for many pet owners, this non-invasive technology has been tried and tested for decades and is approved by the FDA.

Not That Kind of Laser

Instead of a surgical or cutting surgical laser, companion laser therapy employs a cold laser to emit the energy of light directly onto an affected area.

Using a handheld probe, we focus this light energy in the form of photons onto a specific part of the body. This energy actually helps cells regenerate and function at their highest level.

The Nitty-Gritty

Therapeutic cold laser also helps the body heal by:

  • Increasing circulation
  • Decreasing inflammation
  • Alleviating pain and suffering
  • Fighting infection

As if that weren’t groundbreaking enough, companion laser therapy offers a pain-free, non-invasive, sedation-free approach to certain illnesses and injuries. What’s more, the sessions last mere minutes and are often relaxing enough for pets to snooze through.

Applications for Companion Laser Therapy

Chronic conditions generally benefit from more sessions over time, but owners may see positive changes after the initial appointment. Optimal treatment results for the following medical conditions are typically seen after successive appointments:

Companion laser therapy can complement other traditional therapies, or can stand alone to help with pain management and improve quality of life.

The Pet Experts at Springbrook Animal Care Center are always here to answer questions and help your pet. Please let us know how your pet is doing, and if you think they would benefit from companion laser therapy.