Springbrook_iStock_000049232500_LargeOK, so we understand there is no such thing as perfect, but we certainly try! Our pets mean so much to us and we strive to keep them as healthy and contented as possible. We do this in many ways, from keeping important wellness appointments to providing attention and time. However, there are some things that pets need that often fly under the radar.

Check out these top ten “Perfect Pet Owner” traits to see how you measure up.

Ten Undeniable Traits of Stellar Pet Guardians

  1. You are thoughtful – You didn’t just spontaneously choose a pet; for you, it is a commitment of epic proportion. You understand the time, financial, and lifestyle requirements to being a great pet owner and are in it for the long haul.
  2. You make the time – Never did a superstar pet parent lament, “I just don’t have the time for my pet.” You make time every day for affection, fun, and simply hanging out with your best fur friend.
  3. You champion quality veterinary care – You embrace preventative veterinary medicine and keep those annual/biannual wellness appointments. You are also the first to ask questions of the veterinarian and are financially committed to the highest level of care for your pet.
  4. You provide daily exercise – Whether through brisk walks with your sociable dog or crazy catnip games with the feline, you know exercise is important to wellness and weight management (and you get into the action with enthusiasm).
  5. You provide a nutritious diet – Like us, our pets benefit from quality foods that contain lean meats, fruits, and vegetables. You also avoid problems with weight because you stick to the correct diet and portion size for your pet (and avoid one-too-many treats).
  6. You enroll your dog in training and socialization classes – You know that early socialization and obedience training is a must for your canine pal, and doesn’t just end with puppyhood.
  7. You believe your pet’s emotional wellbeing is important – Awesome pet guardians understand that pets can experience a range of emotions, including boredom and loneliness. They take the time to provide enrichment and interaction through challenging games and ample playtime.
  8. You don’t ignore symptoms – When a problem arises, you know it. It may just be pet owner intuition, but you act by having your pet examined…for peace of mind and early detection.
  9. You understand that the needs of your pet changes with age – You are compassionate and astute to the signs of aging and make accommodations for your senior pet to encourage better quality of life.
  10. You are prepared to make tough decisions, putting your pet first – Despite your heartbreak or desire to hold on to your best friend, your love for your pet allows you to make the right decision, when the time comes to say goodbye.

One thing most loving pet owners have in common is a tremendous devotion to their pets. Don’t worry if you couldn’t answer check off all of these traits. There is room for improvement for all of us. However, we hope you feel motivated to up your game when it comes to providing the best possible care to your pet.

As we learn more about areas of pet health that were once unknown or misunderstood, even those of us in veterinary medicine are lifelong students. The goal is to continue to learn and improve our pet ownership skills, as we better understand our fascinating, loveable fur friends.  Please remember that The Pet Experts at Springbrook are always available to assist you with advice or concerns you may have.