Thanksgiving and pets. What a wonderful time to remember the things that we are thankful for and how they touch our lives. What better to be thankful for than our pets?

It is amazing how important our pets are to us and in how many ways they affect our lives. They offer unconditional friendship and love without judgment. They are there for us whenever we need them. Pets may offer us protection or help encourage us to get up and get some exercise. There is even scientific evidence that pet owners tend to be healthier than their non-pet owning counterparts.

Be sure to show your pet how much you appreciate them during this Thanksgiving holiday season. Here are a few suggestions for how you can let your pet know how much they are loved:

Show them some extra attention

Take some time out of the busy holiday to play fetch, go for a walk, or just snuggle. Animals thrive on attention from their owners, and this may be the best gesture of all.

Share your Thanksgiving dinner

While table food should be avoided for the most part, some Thanksgiving Day foods are safe for pets to share with us in moderation. Green beans and sweet potatoes are often popular treats. A small bite of well-done skinless, boneless turkey is often appreciated as well. Pumpkin puree is another seasonal treat many pets enjoy. If you do choose to share off of your plate, take care to choose safe foods for pets and only offer a small amount.

Give them a special treat

Your pet may enjoy a new treat, toy, or collar. With the weather turning colder you might want to invest in a doggy sweater or a new bed for your pet.

Don’t forget your pet this Thanksgiving. Take a few moments to think about how much they impact your life. They truly make the world a better place to be.