Sit, Stay, Come: When and Why to Start Puppy Training

Puppy training is a vital part of responsible pet ownershipSo, you have a new member of your household. Congratulations! There are few things as heartwarming and joyful as adding a new puppy to your life. As you may know, puppies not only bring fun, smiles, and cuddles, but also add a whole new level of work and many questions, too.

Fear not! The Pet Experts at Springbrook Animal Care Center have some great information to get you and your puppy started off on the right foot.

First Things First

To start, be aware that your puppy has been learning since birth! Good breeders start handling puppies and socializing them right away. And, your puppy will be learning just as soon as you bring them home. Early socialization and positive reinforcement help to make sure your puppy becomes a wonderful companion.   Continue…

Puppy Training: Putting the Best Paw Forward

iStock_000016868430_SmallBringing home a new puppy can be a very exciting (and overwhelming) time. Your new family member is getting used to his or her surroundings, and you are getting used to caring for a puppy.

While it is fun to sit back and enjoy your new dog, getting started early with training is very important. Behavioral issues are the leading cause of pet surrenders to shelters, and with 85% of puppies not receiving proper training, the issue is huge. Make sure that you are providing your new puppy with a solid training foundation so that you are able to raise a well-behaved, loving dog that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Starting off your new puppy with training classes can have numerous benefits, including the following…

Puppy Training and Socialization

Your new puppy is part of your family, and it is important that he or she learn how to behave within your “pack”. This means that your Continue…