Your Guide To Pet Dental Care

Springbrook_iStock_000011369161_LargeYour pet doesn’t have a symbiotic relationship with another animal like the nile crocodile and egyptian plover bird, but chances are, he or she has one with you. Your pet needs you for a great deal, and the priority list should include keeping up with routine pet dental care. After all, a healthy mouth can mean a healthier pet.

Let’s explore the ways you can protect your pet from health problems related to poor dental hygiene. Continue…

Barks and Bubbles: Pet Grooming at Springbrook Animal Care Center

poodle (2)A well-groomed pet is a happy pet. And a healthier pet. As a pet owner, keeping your pet groomed should be a regular part of your pet care routine.

Pet grooming is about more than just keeping your pet looking and smelling good. A well-groomed pet is less likely to suffer from dermatological health issues. It is also easier for your pet to regulate his or her body temperature  if the coat is kept clean and free of mats and dreadlocks.

Pet Grooming At Home

While many pets love one-on-one time with you during grooming, others may not enjoy at-home grooming sessions. With either type of pet, it’s important to make pet grooming as enjoyable as possible for your four-legged friend. Continue…