Going Away? Tips for Choosing a Pet Boarding Facility

Portrait of a catBoarding your pet can rank pretty high on the stress-o-meter. However, if you find someplace with a compassionate staff and comfy digs, most of your fear and anxiety will fade. But how do you go about choosing a pet boarding facility?

In Good Hands

Of course, no one knows your pet like you do, but that doesn’t mean everyone is under-qualified to care for him or her. A professional boarding facility prides itself on safety and wants to relieve pet owners’ worries about whether or not their companions are in good hands. Continue…

Pet Boarding: Making Your Pet’s Stay a Success

iStock_000017437440_SmallIf you’re heading out of town this summer, it’s likely that you’re planning on boarding your pet while you’re away. Pet boarding can be a terrific way to keep your four-legged friend happy and healthy while you travel. And knowing that your precious pet is being looked after by someone you know and trust can help ease your mind while you enjoy your travels.

However, we understand that many pets and pet owners can be apprehensive about boarding. And while we are sensitive to those fears, we believe that with a little pre-planning and TLC, boarding your pet at our Pet Paradise Boarding facility can be a great experience for all. So, whether you’re new to pet boarding, or are a familiar friend returning for another stay, we’d like to offer these tips on how to have a happy boarder… Continue…

Over the River and Through the Woods: Holiday Travel With Your Pet

Many pet owners will be traveling during this holiday season. Whether you are bringing your pets along for the ride, or leaving them behind, be sure to consider the following when it comes to holiday travel with your pet.

OnTheGoIf your pet is staying home…

  • Be sure to leave your pet sitter with your contact information as well as instructions on what to do in case of an emergency when you cannot be reached.
  • If you are having guests at your house, provide your pet a quiet place to retreat from the commotion.
  • Make certain that all pets are wearing a collar with tags and that all microchip information is current. You never know when a door might accidently be left open by preoccupied guests.