Pet Birthday Party Ideas to Get the Ball Rolling

Pet birthday party ideas are fun

Have you ever been to a pet birthday party? For animal lovers, this is probably one of the most fun things you can do. Much like a child’s birthday, these memorable events not only celebrate a pet’s life, but the meaningful contributions to their owners’ lives as well. If this sounds like something you’d like to do for your pet, the Pet Experts have some tips to get the party started!

Don’t Know the Date?

If you’re uncertain of your pet’s actual date of birth, don’t worry! Celebrate the date they were adopted, when you brought them home, or another meaningful date.


A House Full of Love: The Rewards of Fostering a Pet

Fostering a pet is part of pet adoptionIf you’ve ever adopted a pet (and we highly recommend it!), you probably know how exciting and wonderful it can be to bring a deserving animal into your home. Now, imagine being able to offer the same chance to several more pets in need over the course of your life. No, we’re not suggesting that you adopt more animals. Instead, we recommend fostering a pet.

The experience of fostering a pet brings many gifts. Let The Pet Experts at Springbrook Animal Care Center tell you all about it!

What Does Fostering Entail?

Fostering a pet may seem straightforward, but it actually involves many different things to consider. Fostering a pet encompasses all of the following and more: Continue…

Sit, Stay, Come: When and Why to Start Puppy Training

Puppy training is a vital part of responsible pet ownershipSo, you have a new member of your household. Congratulations! There are few things as heartwarming and joyful as adding a new puppy to your life. As you may know, puppies not only bring fun, smiles, and cuddles, but also add a whole new level of work and many questions, too.

Fear not! The Pet Experts at Springbrook Animal Care Center have some great information to get you and your puppy started off on the right foot.

First Things First

To start, be aware that your puppy has been learning since birth! Good breeders start handling puppies and socializing them right away. And, your puppy will be learning just as soon as you bring them home. Early socialization and positive reinforcement help to make sure your puppy becomes a wonderful companion.   Continue…

A Furry Bundle Of Love: What You Need To Know Before Adopting A Pet

DCAH_iStock_000066569031_LargeIt’s easy to fall in love with a precious pet, but properly caring for an animal involves so much more than your affection. While you certainly must acquire the necessities for optimal health, wellness, and safety, a solid pet guardian knows that it doesn’t stop there, either.

Adopting a pet is probably one of the most fun and rewarding experiences, and to help in your success, The Pet Experts at Springbrook Animal Care Center offer the following ideas… Continue…

Adopting a Pet Over the Holidays

dogs people connection adoptionThe holidays may seem like the perfect time to bring a new pet into the home. And, adopting a pet can give you an extra ‘feel good’ boost knowing you are helping save the lives of shelter animals. However, the holiday season can also bring some challenges when choosing a new pet family member that go beyond giving a pet as a gift. Continue…

Choosing the Perfect Pet

Christmas KittenWhile a puppy or kitten may be on the top of many a Christmas list, there is a lot to consider before putting a new pet under the tree. Taking on a new family member is a huge responsibility and a big commitment. With 6 to 8 million dogs and cats entering shelters every year, selecting a pet that is right for an individual family and situation is extremely important. Continue…