Ready to Adopt? Time for Pet Proofing!

There are lots of ways to welcome a new pet into your home. Fun toys, cute bedding, age-appropriate food, matching bowls, and much more round out a fairly long list of supplies necessary for a successful transition. However, all your shopping could be for naught without the right approach to a new pet’s safety and security.

Our guide to pet proofing your home may not only prevent an unsafe situation for a newly adopted pet, but protect your property as well.


Bright Eyes: What to Expect When Caring for a New Kitten

Veteranarian Visits with a Tabby CatUnquestionably, a young kitten takes the cake in the cute department. Fluffy, rambunctious, and pint-sized, a bright-eyed feline was simply born with the potential to melt hearts. While the fun never seems to end, there is more to caring for a new kitten than simply adoring one.

The pet experts are just as excited as you are to bring a new kitten home. To that end, we want to share our tips for a lifetime of health, happiness, and wellness. Continue…