What Do You Mean You Don’t Like My Dog? Holiday Pet Etiquette

Springbrook_iStock_000021697674_MediumHoliday pet etiquette is often overlooked despite unfortunate problems between guests and rambunctious pets. After all, it’s not uncommon, during the holiday mix of aunts, cousins, and significant others, to encounter the pet-adverse person. You know, the one who shifts uncomfortably when Fluffy tries to sit on his lap? Or, the person who recoils when little Patches jumps up on the nice slacks.

So, to keep the peace and pleasure in the holiday gathering, it’s important to plan ahead for everyone’s comfort (pets included).

Holiday Pet Planning When You are the Host

Just when you think there couldn’t possibly be one more thing to worry about before the holidays, your sister calls to say she’s bringing someone – someone allergic to dogs (and, you have two). Continue…