What Every Pet Owner Should Know About Leash Training

There are many reasons to commit to obedience training for your dog. But the benefits go far beyond basic manners. In fact, sticking to the rules of dog training can help them find – and maintain –their rightful place in the household. 

Learning to follow commands like “stay,” “come,” and “leave it” can also prevent dogs from chasing prey, running into traffic, or encountering wildlife. But one of the greatest assets is leash training. When dogs know your expectations, you can both enjoy walks or runs together even more.


Dog Walking & Obedience Training: How Your Pet Will Benefit On (and Off) the Leash

Springbrook_iStock_000040645364_MediumJanuary is all about canines as we celebrate National Walk Your Pet Month and National Train Your Dog Month. And, for those of you who have tried to walk an untrained dog on a leash, the connection between these two themes is clear.

Training is an essential part of your puppy and adult dog’s life, encouraging his or her wellbeing, socialization, and safety. Like basic obedience training, properly walking your dog on a leash can be enhanced with initial training classes to help teach you the techniques to walk your dog with confidence and ease. Continue…

A Perfect Stroll: Techniques for Walking Your Dog like a Pro

iStock_000016257088_MediumWith autumn just around the corner, you may be considering taking up jogging with your best friend or hitting those park trails with the family pooch. But, then you realize your pet may not yet have the leash walking skills needed to handle the challenge.

Likewise, you may have adopted a dog recently and are unsure of the best approach to leash training. Or, your new little puppy bundle of joy is old enough to start those fun walks in the park or around the neighborhood.

Whatever brings you to the next phase of dog walking, there are some effective techniques you can use when it comes to walking your dog like a pro. Continue…