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As we bid ado to another year, we want to thank you for choosing The Pet Experts at Springbrook Animal Care Center for your pet’s veterinary needs. We are especially grateful to you for giving us a chance to care for your beloved pet, and it has been our honor to be your partner in excellent veterinary care.

We hope you have enjoyed reading our blog this past year and have learned something new about pet health through the variety of content. Our hope is to empower pet families to provide great at home care to their pets and to better understand the importance of wellness care for health and longevity.

That being said, here are the top 10 blogs as voted by our readers!

The Pet Expert’s Top 10 Blogs of 2019

A puppy out for a walk with its human

10. Recommendations For Traveling With A Sick Pet
While traveling can be full of twists and turns, it can definitely be fun and worth the long miles. Whether you’re in the sky or on the road, bringing your pet along warrants many special considerations. Indeed, preparations can be quite extensive. But what about traveling with a sick pet or one with certain health risks? Read on!

9. Winter Woes: Protecting Your Pet From Ice Melt Toxicity
Although you may have already unpacked your pet’s winter coat, booties, and adorable sweaters, there’s more to winter pet safety than just preparing for cold weather. Ice melt toxicity and other poisoning risks are also a serious concern. Read more…

8. Back-To-School Blues: Separation Anxiety In Pets
Separation anxiety in pets is common when routines change and family members are suddenly gone more often. Having a pet who’s out-of-sorts is no fun, but with a little patience and consistency, you can have your pet’s tail wagging again in no time. Keep reading…

black cats

7. Halloween And Beyond: The Plight Of Black Cats
All animals deserve our respect, but among the ones who need a deeper level of understanding and protection, black cats top the list. Not only subject to low adoption rates throughout the year, they’re cruelly targeted during the weeks surrounding HalloweenRead on!

6. Strange Dog Behaviors Decoded
There are many delightful perks to dog ownership – that cute face, those sweet ears, the endless snuggles and unconditional love…we could go on and on. Of course, all those weird activities your dog engages in (from butt sniffing to stealing your socks) are just par for the course when it comes to having a canine companion, right? Keep reading…

5. Who Knew Cat Whiskers Were So Critical To Feline Success?
A big part of a cat’s aesthetic is the fine, yet strong, vibrissae that jut out from either side of the nose. Fully equipped with sensory organs, or proprioceptors, cat whiskers are the ultimate in design and function. Responsible for helping a cat navigate the dark or negotiate small spaces, cat whiskers also communicate emotions. Meow?

A large dog sitting in a chair next to a door

4. Minding Your P’s And Q’s: Veterinary Hospital Lobby Etiquette
You may view the veterinary hospital lobby as a place to relax and catch up on emails or reading, but your pet probably has a vastly different experience. The waiting room can be a stressful or even scary place for pets, and situations can escalate quickly in such a fast-paced, overwhelming environment. Read more…

3. Help! A Skunk Sprayed My Pet!
If you’ve ever seen your dog stare down a squirrel or watched your cat lie in wait for a sparrow to fly by, you know that pets can be fiercely focused when it comes to wildlife. Paired with natural curiosity and a somewhat misplaced sense of domination, this single mindedness can land them in hot water when it comes to the family Mephitidae, or skunks. Keep reading….

2. A Harvest To-Do List: Fall Pet Activities To Enjoy Together
you’re out back making s’mores over the fire pit, it’s time to start planning some fall pet activities to share with your best friend. The days are getting shorter and there’s a chill in the air after sunset; seize the moment and let the fun begin. Read on!

A dog catching a treat in mid-air

1. Ready To Adopt? Time For Pet Proofing!
There are lots of ways to welcome a new pet into your home. Fun toys, cute bedding, age-appropriate food, matching bowls, and much more round out a fairly long list of supplies necessary for a successful transition. However, all your shopping could be for naught without the right approach to a new pet’s safety and security. Read more?

Ringing in the New Year is a great time to focus on your pet’s resolutions. How about more exercise this year, or cutting down on treats? Maybe a pet friendly vacation is in store, or a new approach to training and socialization?

No matter what you choose, our pets are family and deserve the very best. If we can help you achieve these goals, please call us for an appointment.

From all of us to you, have a safe, warm, and wondrous 2020!