Traveling with a sick pet can take extra pet travel planning.

Travel helps us expand our horizons and learn about new people and places. Whether you’re in the sky or on the road, bringing your pet affords them the same opportunities, but it also warrants many special considerations. Preparations can be quite extensive, especially when traveling with a sick pet or one with certain health risks. The pet experts at Springbrook Animal Care Center are here with some helpful tips to make sure your pet remains safe and that all the essentials are covered.

How to Know?

The Humane Society has some great travel safety tips for pets in good general health. While the recommendations are similar for pets who are ill, it is important to take unique considerations and heightened vigilance. For example, air travel can be risky for all pets, but flying with a sick pet can be downright dangerous–especially if they’re in the cargo area.

External and Internal

Many pets experience mild to severe pain related to their diagnosis. Knowing how your pet deals with and shows pain can help you stay on track. Strict adherence to their pain medication schedule can make all the difference when traveling with a sick pet.

Similarly, keep an eye on their temperature. If you see your pet shivering or shaking, they need help getting warmed up. A pet who suffers from illness has a harder time regulating internal body temperature. Always have extra blankets, and keep their gear handy in case they need a sweater. Of course, snuggling is a great way to increase feelings of security and wellbeing.

Frequent Breaks

Traveling with a sick pet may take a bit longer, so more frequent breaks may be necessary to keep them at ease. Car travel might make some pets feel queasy, plus some medications can add to nausea. Plan for a longer trip to accommodate breaks for fresh air, using the bathroom, and sitting still.

Floor liners and seat protectors might be a good investment, as some ill pets might become incontinent. Always have extra disinfectant wipes and backups of anything on which your pet absolutely depends.

Tips for Traveling with a Sick Pet

Before you hit the road, make sure you pack the following supportive items for traveling with a sick pet:

  • Medications–Have your pet’s pain pills and other required palliatives to help them endure the time away from home and inside the vehicle.
  • Comfort–Extra bedding, pillows, blankets, and other preferred comfort items are absolute must-haves. Your pet’s crate is also an important component of successful travel.
  • Nutrition–Some pets with medical conditions have shifted away from their regular meals and portion sizes. However, having food and snacks on hand is imperative to their wellbeing. Be sure to stop for meal times and bathroom breaks.
  • Support–Traveling with a sick pet can be more enjoyable if your pet’s best friend or sibling is also along for the ride. Sure, that means more work for you, but the benefits are worth it!

Lastly, be sure to research your route ahead of time, and know where to find veterinary help along the way should any problems arise. Pet emergency rooms and clinics, as well as pet-friendly accommodations, are important aspects of preparing for your trip.

If you have additional questions or concerns about traveling with a sick pet, please let us know. We’re always here for you and your companion!