A puppy chewing on a rug

There are lots of ways to welcome a new pet into your home. Fun toys, cute bedding, age-appropriate food, matching bowls, and much more round out a fairly long list of supplies necessary for a successful transition. However, all your shopping could be for naught without the right approach to a new pet’s safety and security.

Our guide to pet proofing your home may not only prevent an unsafe situation for a newly adopted pet, but protect your property as well.

Safe & Suitable

Before prospective pet owners arrive at the decision to adopt, they must be able to properly care for them. The home environment is key to a pet’s happiness and health, and a balance is important to the entire household. Once you decide that you’re able to provide a suitable living situation for all parties (pets and people alike), you can move on to other aspects of responsible pet ownership.

Wellness Counts

The Pet Experts advise new pet owners to bring their pets in for their first wellness check as soon as possible. We can address disease prevention, nutrition, and behavior. If you have questions about pet proofing, we can get started.

The Thing About Products

It’s easy to assume that animals would be repelled by chemicals like cleaners, fertilizers, and medication, but they just aren’t. Driven by curiosity (and an appetite), pets smell and taste whatever they come across.

Gets Worse

Unfortunately, it doesn’t end with products that are obviously toxic for them. Instead, essential oils, certain foods (like Xylitol, avocado, grapes, and chocolate), and plants can endanger their health if nibbled upon. Even a small amount of pollen from a lily can be hazardous to a cat!

The Pet Experts recommend checking out the Pet Poison Helpline’s List of Poisons. Remove products from your home, or be absolutely sure that your newly adopted pet cannot get a hold of them.

Easy Tips for Pet Proofing

Please review the following pet proofing tips before your new pet comes home – and throughout their lives. You just never know when a pet will find trouble!

  • Always check the windows, doors, screens, fencing and gates for security. 
  • Purchase child locks for the pantry, and cabinetry in the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Block off any small spaces that could entrap your pet, such as behind the fridge or furniture, or HVAC vents
  • Invest in a trash can that cannot be tipped or opened by a pet
  • Take a close look around at knick knacks, children’s toys, hobby supplies and more for anything that could become a choking hazard or a GI obstruction
  • Reduce or eliminate access to electric cords

Adopt a Pet… Through Us!

We are delighted to help prospective pet owners find the right pet to adopt. This fall, we are hosting an adoption event in the hopes that our featured pets will find their forever homes. Our meet and greet adoption hours are held on Sundays from 11-2, or you can make a special appointment by calling 630-557-8592. 

Fostering a pet is always a wonderful thing to do, as well, if you aren’t sure about adoption.  Please let us know how we can help with creating a home environment that fosters security and safety. Pet Experts at Springbrook Animal Care Center are always here for you.