A striped tabby laying on a cat tree

Let’s face it, cats seem to be fairly easy going when it comes to their demands. Unlike a dog, who likes to be up in our face when they want something, cats play it cool

Because of this, some pet owners tend to overlook important aspects of cat care, like added attention and pampering for their special purry friends. Cats, though, love to be pampered as much as any self-respecting dog. 

Have you pampered your cat lately?

The Pet Experts at Springbrook Animal Care Center know how important it is to take time to spoil our cat companions and are here to offer up a few awesome ways to pamper your cat.

7 Great Ways to Pamper Your Cat

Most cat lovers agree that their felines give us a tremendous amount of love, affection, and time. This is why they deserve the same, and so much more. Your cat companion can form a deeper bond with you as you take the time and effort to give them TLC. With that in mind, we have compiled a few of our favorite ways to pamper kitties. 

  1. Buy them some new toys. From catnip-filled mice, feather wands, and crackling balls, to interactive games and toys, there are a wide variety of cat-specific toys for your fur friend. Old toys can become boring to your kitty, so find something that gets them active and engaged. They especially will love any toy they can play with, with you.
  2. Build your cat a catio. Cats adore their own space in the home, and a catio is the perfect choice. A catio is a patio for cats and building one can be as simple as using an existing patio that you screen in and add a cat tree (or two) and other cat-friendly props. Or, you can design your own window unit catio or mobile catio using online diagrams and instructions.
  3. Have a spa day for your cat. Take your cat to the groomer for a shampoo, brush out, nail trim, and other skin and coat care. This level of pampering is also a good way to keep your cat healthy and free of matts, long nails, and unkempt fur.
  4. Make your own homemade meal. Instead of relying on kibble for each meal, why not consult with your veterinarian and make your own cat food? Ideally, feline diets should consist of high-quality protein and some healthy fats. There are several homemade cat food recipes online that can be a boon to your pet’s usual meal.
  5. Learn cat massage. Most cats love pets, but you can up your game by giving your cat a relaxing massage. YouTube has a number of useful tutorials that can teach you to massage your kitty using better techniques suitable of them.
  6. Set up a bird or wildlife feeder in front of a window. As you may have noticed, cats love to watch birds and squirrels. Their natural instinct is to stalk their prey, and even though they can’t be outside to chase birds and wildlife (thankfully), they can enjoy watching them through a big window.
  7. Take your cat for a walk. It may be a shock, but many cats can be trained to walk on a leash! A harness and leash that is designed for cats is a good way to allow your cat to spend some time outdoors without getting away or being injured. Start slowly in the backyard and allow your pet to sniff and enjoy the sights and sounds of the great outdoors.

Are you a cat owner whose cat loves to be pampered? What are some of their favorite things? Simply comment on our Facebook or tell us about it when you visit us at your pet’s next wellness exam.

We look forward to seeing you and your furry one soon. If you have any additional questions about ways to pamper your cat, call us!