Dog Jack Russell Terrier. Puppy. Christmas,In the midst of vowing to be a healthier, happier person, the New Year is also a great time to give a nod to our precious pets. As pet owners wind down 2016, let’s consider different ways to make the most of the time we spend with the four-legged friends who light up our lives.

To help you hone in on the best pet owner resolutions, The Pet Experts at Springbrook Animal Care Center have created a list of some of the coolest possibilities.

10 Pet Owner Resolutions for the New Year

  1. I vow to pay more attention. One immensely special way you can show your pet love is through one-on-one time. Allocate at least 30 minutes each day to grooming, exercising, and snuggling with your furry friend.
  2. I vow to stop using treats as the only reward. This is a tough one, but it’s so important to keeping your pet at a healthy weight and preventing obesity. Plus, finding ways to show positive reinforcement goes a long way to promoting effective training and socialization.
  3. I vow to maintain preventive care. Prevention is where it’s at! Regular examinations (made cost-effective through our preventive care plans) are the foundation of lifelong health. They’re also critical to preventing or slowing down the progression of common age-related diseases.
  4. I vow to follow pet owner etiquette. If you’ve been a little lax about scooping the poop or prohibiting your tiny wonder dog from jumping on furniture, now is the time to get your pet owner etiquette in check!
  5. I vow to provide more enrichment. Can you imagine spending most of your time in the same old cage or small room? Pets, like humans, get bored and stressed when left alone too often. To add enrichment to your pet’s life, try challenging toys, perches, tunnels and swings (for pocket pets), interactive games, and other cool activities.
  6. I vow to pay attention to dental health. Too often, dental health is neglected, making dental disease an issue for one-third (or more) of all cats and dogs. Help keep your pet’s mouth healthy with daily brushing and regular dental exams and cleanings.
  7. I vow to take care of that thing I’ve been avoiding. If something has been off about your pet’s health or behavior – and you’ve been letting it go – now is the time to act. Even if it’s nothing, think of the peace of mind you may be getting (or the improved prognosis if there’s an issue).
  8. I vow to learn pet first aid. If you really want to be a star, check out the American Red Cross website for upcoming courses in pet first aid. You never know when an emergency might strike, and being prepared can be empowering.
  9. I vow to help less fortunate pets. Sadly, the world is full of abused and neglected animals, making your commitment to charitable organizations one of the most heartfelt things you can resolve to do.
  10. I vow to keep learning and improving. An awesome pet owner is one who keeps learning and striving for excellence in the areas of pet health, behavior, and daily care. We bet that’s you!

We hope this helps you narrow down your 2017 pet owner resolutions. We certainly applaud your efforts and commitment to your pet companion!