Jumping catIf you are like the millions of other pet owners that cannot bear to be separated from their pets, then you probably love all things pet-related, including animal trivia. Great for dinner party entertainment, fun pet facts can also be informative. There’s just so much to love about animals, a truism not lost on The Pet Experts at Springbrook Animal Care Center. Pets are cute, devoted, companionable, and full of fascinating traits.

Let’s see if we can surprise you…

The Physical Details

Your pet is entirely unique, but he or she is linked to some general characteristics of his or her species. Take these fun pet facts for example:

  • All dogs have pink tongues, save two: the smart, serious Chow Chow and the calm, loyal Chinese Shar-Pei.
  • Generally, canines have better eyesight than their human companions, but it is not as colorful. Contrary to popular belief, dogs are not colorblind; rather, hues are muted as they would be for us in lower light.
  • Dogs are very receptive to training, but they excel when spoken commands are coupled with hand gestures or signals, exemplifying visual learning.
  • The fine lines and wrinkles on a dog’s nose are actually highly distinct. Like our fingerprints, a nose print can identify an individual canine. Astounding!
  • A dog does not have an appendix, but male canines are the only species besides male humans to have a prostate.
  • One female dog, her mate, and their puppies could potentially breed over 66,000 dogs in just 6 years. That is, of course, if none were spayed or neutered.
  • While dogs can only make about 10 different vocal sounds, they can have 100 various facial expressions, most of which are made using the ears.
  • The scent of a dog’s paws can sometimes have a mysterious corn chip odor. The result of yeast and bacteria growth, this funky smell can signal infection if the paws are excessively licked. Please feel free to call The Pet Experts if the smell is strong.

Not to be Outdone

Dogs are unquestionably interesting, but cats also have their brand of fun pet facts, such as:

  • Cats rarely, if ever, “meow” at each other. That sweet sound is reserved only for human ears!
  • There are five toes on each front paw, yet only four toes on back paws.
  • A feline can make a jump that is 7 times its height (humans can’t even come close to that).
  • Cats can make over 100 sounds. What’s that, meow?
  • Felines rank higher than primates when it comes to their memory banking skills.
  • A fully grown cat can sprint at almost 30 mph (about the speed of a grizzly bear), and run swiftly at 12 mph.
  • Kittens, when grouped together, are called a kindle; mature cats are referred to as a clowder.
  • The nose print of a cat is like a dog’s (and like our fingerprints), entirely unique.
  • Once thought to be domesticated by Egyptians 4,000 years ago, current research indicates that felines lived alongside farmers in ancient Chinese villages.
  • Along with cheetahs and tigers, domestic felines cannot taste anything sweet because they lack a certain gene that allows this.

So Many Other Fun Pet Facts

What are some of your favorite fun pet facts? Feel free to let us know, and if you ever have questions about your pet’s wellness, Springbrook Animal Care Center is always here for you.