As with most things in life, if you allow something to gain a foothold, it will eventually take over. Whether we’re talking about weeds, dust bunnies, or pet dental care, the truth is, maintenance is necessary to keep things bright, shiny, and clean. Said another way, if bacteria is left alone inside a pet’s mouth, it will eventually lead to periodontal disease, tooth loss, and even systemic illness. However, The Pet Experts do have good news – this is entirely preventable!

Animal Halitosis

The majority of pet owners are familiar with doggy or kitty breath, which is one of the first signs that something is amiss in the mouth. This makes sense because most pets age three and up have periodontal disease in one form or another. Once odor-causing bacteria is present, it’s definitely time to kickstart a pet dental care routine – at home and with us.

Double Defense

At your pet’s annual wellness exam, we always check inside the mouth. If there’s evident plaque and tartar build up, it’s a good idea to schedule a cleaning and full mouth digital x-rays. Regular dental cleanings help keep your pets healthy. In honor of Pet Dental Month in February, we are offering 20% off dental cleanings in February. Call us today to book your pet’s appointment. To ensure your pet’s maximum safety and comfort, this procedure is completed under anesthesia.

Why, Exactly?

Periodontal disease begins and flourishes beneath the gum line. A dental cleaning without anesthesia inhibits full-scale cleaning and inspection. In addition, it’s really not safe for an animal to endure possible pain or discomfort while awake.

The disease can begin to destroy the bone, structure, and gum tissue that support the placement of teeth. Over time, missing, loose, and broken teeth are common, and pain is likely. Professional extraction is often necessary to help an animal through the stages of the disease, affecting quality of life.

The Reach of Pet Dental Care

In addition to routine exams, cleaning, and regular brushing at home, there are certain products approved and recommended by the Veterinary Oral Health Council. Foods, treats, chews, and rinses can all add a great deal to pet dental health. Please let The Pet Experts help you find the right products for your pet’s needs.

Extensive – and Expensive

Imagine how your mouth would feel if you didn’t brush your teeth every day. Yuck! We wouldn’t settle for that and neither should your pet. Remember, bad breath means there are already signs of periodontal disease. Allowing it to get out of control will likely result in extensive and expensive treatment down the road.

As with anything related to your pet’s health and wellness, The Pet Experts at Springbrook Animal Care Center are always here to answer your questions and address concerns.