iStock_000030858202_LargePreventative care plans for pets have become an important part of taking a more holistic approach to the health and well-being of our companion animals. Many of us have heard from our own medical care team that preventative care is key to the prevention and early detection of certain diseases, as well as overall wellness. Just like us, the same is true of our pets.

Springbrook Animal Care Center’s Preventative Care Plans for pets offer affordable options for many pet owners. Each plan covers all scheduled office visits, vaccinations, and routine screenings – along with perks like discounted services and products. Preventative care also encompasses those sometimes-overlooked health issues, such as behavioral wellness, dental health, senior pet care, and nutrition, too.

As many pet owners look for ways to budget and plan for our pet’s health needs, preventative care plans have become an increasingly popular and economical solution. And, unlike insurance, your care plan payment goes directly toward the services you receive.

So, How Do Preventative Care Plans for Pets Work?

Springbrook offers several care plans for your cat or dog at all stages of his or her life. These options are affordable and compressive, often covering health needs that otherwise might go unchecked, such as dental health.

Our Basic and Basic Plus Plans for puppies and kittens include all rounds of vaccinations, parasite screening and treatment, and examinations. Basic Plus also includes your pet’s spay or neuter surgery.

As your dog or cat ages, his or her wellness plan might change and encompass issues pertaining to adult or senior pets. Our Basic, Basic Plus, and Optimum Plans for adult dogs and cats can include important, life enhancing annual diagnostic testing, unlimited consultations or office visits, dental care, eye care, and discounted services and products.

The plans are incredibly convenient and budget friendly because they work on an automatic monthly payment schedule.  Our staff can work with you to choose the best option for your pet based on age, health needs, and your budget.

Puppy Love – Preventive Care for Your Best Friend

Wellness care begins from the moment you make the decision to bring that sweet little ball of fur home. It is then we should begin to think about issues like spaying or neutering, first round of vaccinations, and an overall wellness examination. (You may also have questions about best practices in housetraining.)

Throughout the stages of your dog’s life, there are exceptional benefits to choosing preventative care.

  • Puppies receive a comprehensive baseline examination plus screening for parasites and worms common to puppies coming from shelters or other rescue facilities. And, of course, vaccinations to keep your new friend healthy.
  • Adult dog care also includes thorough examinations, as well as additional services that focus on dental health, and discounts on services like grooming. The latter is especially helpful in reducing the dog hair that loves to find its way to our clothes and furniture.
  • Senior dogs will benefit from unlimited, comprehensive office visits. Your pet will also receive screening for issues common to aging, such as kidney health and organ function, eye care, and teeth cleaning.

Whiskers’ Wellness – Preventive Care for Your Favorite Feline

We all know how elusive our cat can be and how tough it is to sometimes read cues when our kitty is sick or distressed. That is why it is even more important to maintain a consistent veterinary schedule to help understand your cat’s state of wellness.

Keeping your cat healthy and happy is easy with preventative care.

  • Kittens receive screening and treatment for any worms, ear mites, or other parasites found, along with a comprehensive physical exam and first series of vaccinations.
  • Adult feline plans can include important annual diagnostic testing, such as a thyroid screen and feline heartworm test. And, your pet will benefit from discounts on services like boarding, grooming, and flea and tick products.
  • Springbrook is committed to providing senior wellness services. Our Optimum Plan includes urinalysis, x-rays, thyroid screen, glaucoma detection, and unlimited examinations.

By being proactive about your pet’s health, you can greatly improve the quality of life and happiness of your best friend.  You can also extend your friend’s life by catching health problems early. Springbrook Animal Care Center’s Preventive Care Plans are a wonderful option for your budget and your pet’s lifelong care.

If you would like to discuss the best plan for your pet, please call us today.