Pet insurance can defray the cost of veterinary care

When it comes to pet insurance, we know there are mixed opinions on the subject. It’s always better to have something and not need it than the other way around, but does it make sense to invest in emergency services your pet might never need? Likewise, subscribing to an age-appropriate preventive care plan covers wellness services but not urgent care or hospitalization. It’s high-time The Pet Experts break down the details so pet owners can make the right choice for their best friends.

One Thing is Certain

As a pet owner, the cost of providing excellent nutrition, bedding, toys, gear, and, of course, medical care can be expensive. To offset some of these costs, we offer preventive care plans for cats and dogs. These plans eliminate the need for payment after unlimited yearly examinations. After an initial membership fee, you’re billed monthly for various vaccinations, diagnostics, and exams in order to support your pet’s long-term health and wellness.

Plus, you’re given a discount for nail trims, parasite prevention medications, and any needed emergency room services.

What Pet Insurance Does Cover

No pet owner ever wants to choose between their pet’s life and their own financial future. If your pet needs life-saving care due to illness or injury, pet insurance can reimburse you (either in full or partially) for emergency veterinary care once you submit a claim.

Pet insurance companies vary between what they do and do not cover (e.g., pre-existing conditions, breeding costs, cosmetic procedures), but the fact is, pet insurance can help pet owners pay for unforeseen veterinary bills.

You can expect to pay a monthly premium, but over the course of your pet’s life, the benefits can far outweigh the costs.

Another Option

If paying monthly for a preventive care plan or insurance policy doesn’t work for you, CareCredit may be another option. Like a credit card, you can finance veterinary costs without interest if the amount is paid back within a certain time frame. This can be an incredible life saver for pet owners who are faced with the costs of unexpected veterinary care.

A Great Deal to Consider

Ideally, pet owners would be able to pay for anything and everything their pets need. It makes sense to try to keep an animal as healthy as possible through disease prevention and early detection. However, accidents and/or sudden illness do occur, and the costs can add up quickly, making pet insurance a great safety net.

Please let us know if you’d like additional information about pet insurance, preventive care plans, or CareCredit. The Pet Experts are always here for you!