Indoor enrichment for pets.

Your pet has some wild roots and, like humans, being stuck inside can be a bit mundane, and they need some ways to enrich their experience in your home. Here are some things that you can do as a pet parent to facilitate their mental wellness and acuity: 


Although it might seem like your pet loves lying on the cool tile, placing comfortable pet beds around the home can make the act of relaxation even more enriching for your pets.

Give your cat some space of their own (you know they’re going to take it anyway). They might really enjoy an indoor “catio” or tower to claim as their territory. Comfortable spots can also be fun!


Here are some ways to create interactive and enriching experiences for your pet throughout the day:

  • Hide and scatter treats for them to find for their own personal treasure hunt
  • Buy interactive toys like treat puzzles that keep them mentally stimulated and entertained
  • Provide toys with different textures, smells, and sounds

Exercise and Pet Wellness

Play is the best form of exercise for indoor pets because it enriches them physically and mentally. They will enjoy it even more if you join in on the fun with them.

Sometimes you have to get creative to ensure pets who spend so much time inside get the required physical activity. If your pet really cannot go outside, you might want to invest in a pet treadmill for a dog or even a cat exercise wheel to get their paws moving. 

You can also create your own obstacle course in the house using pillows and chairs!

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