Dog adoption.

It is impossible to know the extent of a dog’s influence on a human’s life until you share every possible experience with a member of the canine family. Watching a dog sleep? One of life’s greatest gifts. Working with a pup toward a new skill like swimming or agility training? Priceless. Whatever’s on the agenda, dogs are active, interested participants. And it’s their simple presence that makes owning a dog delightfully life-affirming.

Preparing for Goodness

It can take some people by surprise, but the positive impact that dogs have on their humans is significant. You may start to slowly plan your calendar year by what your dog would enjoy the most, and only sign up for activities that your dog can join in on. In this way, owning a dog can make a person live more mindfully. If you know your dog will enjoy something, your own chances of having a great time also skyrocket.

Also, relaxing with your dog will release powerfully healing hormones that feel good and boost the human-animal bond, to boot!

Healthy Mind and Body

Much has been said about the physical benefits of owning a dog, mostly because they depend on their owners to stay fit. The best way to maintain a healthy weight is to exercise together. Long walks, vigorous runs, and refreshing swims all add to a healthy human-dog workout. Indeed, dogs are fantastic motivators for people to get up and out of the house.

Guess what happens when you go out with your dog? You meet other people who may or may not have dogs as well. Universally, people love to meet friendly dogs and will ask if they can pet your best buddy. This can be great for your own contact list, but may lead to puppy play dates in the future, too.

Owning a Dog for Life

Being pack animals, dogs are hardwired to figure out their place in the world. If you adopt a super young puppy you can bet that they’ll spend their entire lives working to please you. However, adopting or rescuing an adult or senior dog can be one of the most gratifying experiences because they know they’re being saved. Accordingly, they will never tire of offering you unconditional love and affection.

Between the Lines

Beyond the obvious benefits of owning a dog, the endeavor can be lifesaving for some individuals. It has been proven that dogs can detect illness in people, and can come equipped to seek assistance if needed. They can sniff out cancer, seizures, low blood pressure, and more. Dogs fill the role of amazing companions, and can also play a crucial parts in preventing emergencies.

So Much More

Research indicates that owning a dog improves childhood self-esteem. By learning responsibility and developing empathy, their positive impact on kids is massive. 

The indelible paw print on every dog owner’s heart is proof that owning a dog is among the best experiences in the world. If you have questions about adoption or the responsibilities of dog ownership, we are happy to help. Give Springbrook Animal Hospital a call at (630) 428-0500.