Giving an English Bulldog a PillThe occasional prescription is a necessary part of life, both for people and pets. Giving medication to pets can be a challenge, however, and until every pill comes in beef or tuna flavor, this isn’t likely to change.

Your team at Springbrook Animal Care Center wants to help you make sure your pet gets the medication he or she needs to return to optimal health. We are pleased to share with you our tried and true tricks for giving medication to pets.

Giving Medication To Pets Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

There are so many different reasons why your pet may refuse to take a pill. Perhaps it tastes bad, or makes him or her gag. Try our expert tips for giving medicine to pets:

  • Just add food – For many pet owners, simply inserting the pill into a piece of cheese, peanut butter, bread, or any other delicious morsel is quite effective. Many pets are so excited to have the treat that they wolf it down, never noticing that a pill is inside. Ask your veterinarian if the medication is okay to take with food before attempting this trick.
  • The Bypass – Some medications just taste bad, and not even a favorite treat can mask the unpleasantness. In these instances, try transferring the pill to an empty gel capsule (can be found at pharmacies and health food stores). You may also consider using a “pill gun”, which can be purchased at pet supply stores (give us a call for tips on pill gun usage).
  • The Crush And Sprinkle – For those sensitive pets that can detect even the tiniest pill inside their favorite treat, you may try crushing the pill and mixing it in with their food. Some medications should not be crushed, so ask your veterinarian before trying this method, and only do so if you can be certain that your pet will eat all of the meal, otherwise he or she won’t get the full dosage of medication.
  • The Big Chill – For tablets that can’t be taken with food, but make your pet gag while going down, try coating the pill in butter and then putting it in the freezer. The butter will help the pill to slide down your pet’s throat with ease, and because it is frozen it won’t be too messy. Once again, check with your veterinarian to be sure that it’s okay to freeze the medication.

If you are still having difficulty administering medication to your pet, or you are worried that he or she will bite you, don’t hesitate to contact us. The Pet Experts at Springbrook Animal Care Center are happy to provide the assistance you need in order to properly care for your pet’s health.