dog tricksAny veterinarian, groomer, or dog trainer would probably agree that teaching a dog essential commands is key to helping them live a harmonious life in human society. The staples, such as “sit”, “stay”, and “come”, make a dog easier to manage, which enhances the bond they share with their human family members. It also gives them enjoyable and life-affirming experiences, such as walks, outings, and social events.

Although many dog owners stop once their dog has mastered the basics of obedience training, there is much to be gained from taking it to the next level. The following dog tricks combine fun and usefulness with an increase in overall safety for your pet.

Helpful Dog Tricks

dog training

Dogs love to work, and while most of us don’t require our dogs to earn their keep, asking them to do various tasks is a fun and worthwhile endeavor. The following dog tricks are fun for your pet and useful for you, too:

  • Clean up – Many dogs can be trained to pick up their toys and return them to a box or basket, meaning less tidying up for their owners!
  • Ring a bell – Install a bell at dog-height by the door and train your pooch to ring it when they need to go out, rather than barking or scratching.
  • Belly up – Asking your dog to lie down on their back with their belly exposed can come in handy when it’s time for a veterinary examination or tick inspection.
  • Shake – Shake is a cute, easy trick that can be used to aid in nail trimming and blood draws.

For Safety’s Sake

Having a well-trained dog not only increases their likeability, it also can protect them against some of life’s greatest dangers:

  • Drop it/leave it – Teaching your dog to drop whatever is in their mouth at your command is absolutely essential in protecting them from eating or chewing on something hazardous.
  • Back up/come – These important commands could save your dog’s life in the event they encounter a danger, such as a rattlesnake, aggressive animal, or busy street.
  • Stand – Having your dog stand still makes veterinary care and grooming easier and safer.

Any type of dog tricks, whether it’s useful or just plain cute, will enhance your dog’s overall obedience and make for a happier, better socialized pet overall. The Pet Experts of  Springbrook Animal Care Center  offer training sessions, for both puppies and dogs. Sign up today! If you have any additional questions about training or behavior issues or would like to register for an upcoming class, we are only a phone call away!