Frito Feet: Why Does My Dog’s Feet Smell Like Corn Chips? 

Let’s be honest, do any dog’s feet really smell like potpourri and sunshine?

We would say no.

But, if your pet’s feet smell like a favorite snack food, you may wonder if you’re imagining things. The answer again, however, is no. Pet paws can and do smell like Fritos and there are a few reasons behind the smell.

The Pet Experts at Springbrook Animal Care Center are here to relay some information on why your dog’s feet smell like corn chips. And thankfully, it’s not as bad as you might think.


What’s In an Ear: The Importance of Regular Ear Care for Pets

Looking into your pet’s ear is probably not up there on the list of your favorite things to-do, but did you know that cleaning them regularly is important for their health? 

Pet ears can trap a lot of things, from bacteria to parasites, which can go unnoticed if not attended to. The ears are home to one of the keenest senses your pet – has and their overall health is a must for continued good hearing.

The Pet Expects at Springbrook Animal Care Center take a closer look at what’s under those adorable floppy ears to help you learn to incorporate ear care into your pet’s routine.


Don’t Despair When Pet Hair Gets You Down

The pendulum may swing between spending an entire weekend ridding the floors and furniture of pet hair – or letting it go until you really can’t stand it any longer. Indeed, pet hair can really get you down and take over your entire house. There are non-shedding pets out there, but unless you have a Sphynx cat or an American Hairless Terrier, you might be looking for some prime methods for pet hair management. Look no further than The Pet Experts who have “combed” through and put together the following tips and tricks.

Reasons for Pet Hair Loss

Most shedding is a 100% natural process that removes old, dry, damaged, or dead hairs. Pets depend on hair to regulate body temperature and protect the skin. Without shedding, their coat cannot effectively grow new hair.


One Step At A Time – How To Trim Your Pet’s Nails

Dog nails are trimmedYour pet may not delight in nail trimming, but he or she unknowingly benefits from timely toenail trims. From torn nails to easing the aches of arthritis, trimming nails goes way beyond aesthetics, or even the acoustic assault of your pet’s nails on your tile floor.

You may resist keeping your pet’s nails trimmed due to your pet’s resistance, or maybe you doubt your own capabilities to give it a go at home. Let’s uncover the health advantages that this basic grooming need provides your pet, and offer some helpful tips for ensuring successful nail trims for your pet. Continue…

Pet Grooming: Not Just for Frou-Frou Dogs

iStock_000010618123_MediumIn the quest to save dollars, pet parents may opt to groom their pets themselves rather than take Fido in to be professionally groomed…  After all, Fido’s a lab and aren’t grooming services for fluffy dogs and pampered schnauzers?

Actually, this erroneous belief can negatively impact your dog’s overall health. The truth is; all dogs need to be groomed, and not just for aesthetic reasons. Pet grooming keeps the hair free of mats and tangles; detects fleas and other parasites that attack the skin; promotes skin, nail, and coat health; and offers a chance for your pet’s overall skin and coat condition to be assessed.

And, there’s more to grooming than trimming lengthy fur or bathing your pet! Grooming includes many services that the average pet parent isn’t fond of doing (Did someone mention cleaning anal glands? Eew.). Continue…

Barks and Bubbles: Pet Grooming at Springbrook Animal Care Center

poodle (2)A well-groomed pet is a happy pet. And a healthier pet. As a pet owner, keeping your pet groomed should be a regular part of your pet care routine.

Pet grooming is about more than just keeping your pet looking and smelling good. A well-groomed pet is less likely to suffer from dermatological health issues. It is also easier for your pet to regulate his or her body temperature  if the coat is kept clean and free of mats and dreadlocks.

Pet Grooming At Home

While many pets love one-on-one time with you during grooming, others may not enjoy at-home grooming sessions. With either type of pet, it’s important to make pet grooming as enjoyable as possible for your four-legged friend. Continue…