Holiday Distractions Can Lead to Foreign Body Dangers for Pets

Remember when you first brought home your best friend? In order to prevent accidents, you probably went a little crazy pet proofing the house and yard. Over time, of course, pets learn to leave certain things alone, or they gradually become disinterested in items that could potentially hurt them. 

No matter what your pet’s age this holiday season, the approach to their safety is much the same. Without constant vigilance, your pet could start chewing on and ingesting things that pose significant foreign body dangers.


Halloween and Beyond: The Plight of Black Cats

black catsAll animals deserve our respect, but among the ones who need a deeper level of understanding and protection, black cats top the list. Not only subject to low adoption rates throughout the year, they’re cruelly targeted during the weeks surrounding Halloween. Along with the community we serve, The Pet Experts at Springbrook Animal Care Center strive to elevate the status of black cats and make sure they’re seen for what they truly are: sweet, gentle companions.

No Other

Imagine if people associated Halloween with, say, a Great Bernard or a Jack Russell. Indeed, if another animal was attached to the spookiest day of the year, we’d be looking at a much different holiday. However, black cats are (and have been for quite some time) the most popular symbol of this holiday. But why?


The Pinnacle of Summer: Celebrating Independence Day and Pet Safety

The Fourth of July is one of the biggest events of the year. With picnics, parades, and family gatherings to choose from, where does that leave a four-legged friend? Sure, you might have a well-behaved, highly sociable pet who enjoys any combination of crowds, loud music, and fireworks. Or, perhaps your pet stresses easily by the disruption to routine, heat, and strangers.

Either way, The Pet Experts at Springbrook Animal Care Center have some tips to prepare you for Independence Day and pet safety.


Our 2016 Pet Gift Guide for the Best in Holiday Fun

christmas whippetOur own version of Santa Claus is Comin’ To Town sounds more like this: “Making a list, checking it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty or nice, pet parents are hitting the shops!”

To be sure, it’s that time of year when holiday hunting begins, making just the right purchase for your furry loved ones a bit of a challenge. What you want or need might be out of stock or perhaps you have doubts about what your pet will truly like. That’s where The Pet Experts at Springbrook Animal Care Center come in. We’ve done all the sniffing around and vetting for you. We hope our pet gift guide is the ultimate offering in holiday convenience. Enjoy!


Bring On The Fun: Holiday Activities To Share With Your Pet

Springbrook_iStock_000052747108_Large.jpgThe season of goodwill, joy, and holiday get-togethers is upon us, and while we definitely praise the virtues of what not to do with your pet (for the sake of safety and health) there are things you can (and should) definitely do together.

Whether your favorite four-legged friend is a young puppy or kitten or a gracefully-aging senior, there is no reason to exclude him or her from all the festive fun. Before you head out, consider our holiday activities to share with your pet, and don’t forget to share your pics with us! Continue…

What Do You Mean You Don’t Like My Dog? Holiday Pet Etiquette

Springbrook_iStock_000021697674_MediumHoliday pet etiquette is often overlooked despite unfortunate problems between guests and rambunctious pets. After all, it’s not uncommon, during the holiday mix of aunts, cousins, and significant others, to encounter the pet-adverse person. You know, the one who shifts uncomfortably when Fluffy tries to sit on his lap? Or, the person who recoils when little Patches jumps up on the nice slacks.

So, to keep the peace and pleasure in the holiday gathering, it’s important to plan ahead for everyone’s comfort (pets included).

Holiday Pet Planning When You are the Host

Just when you think there couldn’t possibly be one more thing to worry about before the holidays, your sister calls to say she’s bringing someone – someone allergic to dogs (and, you have two). Continue…

No Holly, More Jolly! Avoiding Toxic Holiday Plants

iStock_000015099493_MediumOh, how pretty those holiday blooms can be! And, how inviting that cleverly placed mistletoe…. But, did you know that poinsettias aren’t the only holiday plant no-no? And that they are actually less toxic than some of the other, better-known offenders?

It’s true! And, while we as protective pet parents are often vigilant about other holiday dangers, like tinsel and curly string, pet poisoning is an unfortunate reality when it comes to plants with more dangerous toxicity.

Before you stow away every pretty bloom or branch, know that keeping your pet safe is as simple as doing your homework on toxic vs. non-toxic plants and making sure to keep the fearsome foliage out of your home or yard (or any other place your pet or other pets are present). Continue…

Ho! Ho! Ho! Helpful Gift Ideas For Your Pets

Santa clausIn the days leading up to the holidays, we are all bombarded with a sense of too much to do and not enough time to do it all. We know you wouldn’t want to leave anyone off your shopping list so, to help out, we’ve put together some helpful gift ideas for your pets. We hope that you will be inspired to give your pet some sweet surprises that can only result in lots of smooches and snuggles.

Special Pets Deserve Something Special

While the best gift of all is your love, your pet will still get excited about any of these top-notch presents:

  • Outdoor Stuff – If your pet wears the same item day in and day out, it may be time to upgrade. Your pet’s collar, leash, or harness may need a snazzier replacement. A new tag will be a great addition, too. Many pets tolerate (and even enjoy) certain types of clothing, especially if they remain dry and warm on winter walks. There are so many cute and functional hoodies, jackets, and sweaters perfect for your pet. Don’t forget the matching booties!
  • Continue…

    Gobble! Gobble! – Thanksgiving Pet Safety

    iStock_000019349731_MediumMany of us consider our pets to be part of our family, making their inclusion in family holidays a natural course of action; and Thanksgiving is no exception. As with many of our favorite festive occasions, though, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to your pet’s health and safety.

    Before you set a plate for Fido or Fluffy at the Thanksgiving table, take a moment to learn about which foods can make your four-legged friend sick, and which are safe to share (among other concerns). We want you to spend the day giving thanks for the life and love you share, rather than for finding emergency veterinary care on a major holiday. Continue…

    Over the River and Through the Woods: Holiday Travel With Your Pet

    Many pet owners will be traveling during this holiday season. Whether you are bringing your pets along for the ride, or leaving them behind, be sure to consider the following when it comes to holiday travel with your pet.

    OnTheGoIf your pet is staying home…

    • Be sure to leave your pet sitter with your contact information as well as instructions on what to do in case of an emergency when you cannot be reached.
    • If you are having guests at your house, provide your pet a quiet place to retreat from the commotion.
    • Make certain that all pets are wearing a collar with tags and that all microchip information is current. You never know when a door might accidently be left open by preoccupied guests.