Springbrook_iStock_000052747108_Large.jpgThe season of goodwill, joy, and holiday get-togethers is upon us, and while we definitely praise the virtues of what not to do with your pet (for the sake of safety and health) there are things you can (and should) definitely do together.

Whether your favorite four-legged friend is a young puppy or kitten or a gracefully-aging senior, there is no reason to exclude him or her from all the festive fun. Before you head out, consider our holiday activities to share with your pet, and don’t forget to share your pics with us!

Furry Family Members

If we haven’t seen your pet in a while, it’s always a good idea to get a handle on his or her health and wellness prior to the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Receiving a positive health report is a great gift of the season, and may provide insight into how you may better serve your pet in the new year.

Stress Relief

As the calendar starts to fill up, make sure your pet continues to receive the stimulation and exercise he or she is used to. It’s imperative that your pet’s needs aren’t pushed to the back burner, especially during a time that can be stressful or chaotic.

If the weather is frightful, strap on the good ‘ol winter gear (pet booties and sweaters are the best!) and head out to admire the lights and holiday decorations. A simple walk under a snowy canopy is truly one of the best holiday activities to share with your pet and we know you won’t regret it.


‘Tis the season for lots of sweet or savory indulgences, and your pet doesn’t have to miss out on this extravagance. Whip up some of your favorite DIY pet treats and offer one or two to your beloved friend while you are enjoying your own special treat!

If you have friends, family members, or neighbors that want to include a pet in holiday shenanigans, invite them all over and host a healthy treat or toy exchange. This will allow for an opportunity to socialize with other pets and participate in one of the best things about the holidays.

Presents Galore

If your kitty hasn’t had the pleasure of a new scratching post in a while, we’re sure he or she would enjoy digging those claws into one this holiday season. You can find a variety of specially designed holiday scratchers to blend with your decor.

Your dog can actually help to unwrap presents wrapped especially for him or her, just make sure that it’s easy (tissue paper, anyone?) and that any ribbon, bows, or tape are not part of the package.

Say Cheese!

We’d love to see your pet for a special grooming session prior to the holidays. While he or she is looking (and feeling) his or her best, snap some family photos and distribute them to all your animal loving friends and family. Who doesn’t love seeing a happy pet in a santa cap?

Holiday Activities To Share With Your Pet

While fun is this season’s common denominator, it’s critical to keep in mind certain safety precautions. Watch out for extension cords, electric outlets, and all the dazzlingly enticing ornaments, as well as any toxic plants given as gifts or brought in as decor.

There are so many other holiday activities to share with your pet, we just hope that everyone remains safe, happy, and healthy. The Pet Experts at Springbrook Animal Care Center wish you and your’s a happy and a merry holiday season!