black catsAll animals deserve our respect, but among the ones who need a deeper level of understanding and protection, black cats top the list. Not only subject to low adoption rates throughout the year, they’re cruelly targeted during the weeks surrounding Halloween. Along with the community we serve, The Pet Experts at Springbrook Animal Care Center strive to elevate the status of black cats and make sure they’re seen for what they truly are: sweet, gentle companions.

No Other

Imagine if people associated Halloween with, say, a Great Bernard or a Jack Russell. Indeed, if another animal was attached to the spookiest day of the year, we’d be looking at a much different holiday. However, black cats are (and have been for quite some time) the most popular symbol of this holiday. But why?

How Frightful

Sure, it might have something to do with their uncanny ability to seem invisible at night, but many cultures have interpreted black cats as harbingers of evil for centuries. From pagan civilizations through the medieval times, black cats were even burned at the stake alongside witches in the early American colonies.

Contradictions Galore

The good news is that black cats are actually considered good luck in parts of Asia and Great Britain. In fact, they’re seen as omens of affluence and bring good fortune to the homes in which they reside. And let’s not forget that ancient Egyptians not only worshipped cats, but black cats in particular were celebrated and revered.

Ritual and Sacrifice

It’s hard to understand why some people harm animals, but cases of animal cruelty aren’t, unfortunately, rare. Abuse of black cats may not occur with great frequency, but the capture and abuse of black cats around Halloween can happen. Additionally, people think it’s amusing to have a live “prop” to complete a Halloween display or even a personal costume.

Please keep black cats at home in the weeks before and shortly after Halloween – and especially at night.

Not All Black Cats

Years of targeting and persecution has indirectly led to the phenomenon “Black Cat Syndrome.” This refers to their significantly reduced adoption rates as opposed to felines of different coat colors. This may be directly linked to the perpetuating myths about black cats, but some believe their subtle facial expressions and purportedly inadequate photogenic qualities also contribute to these numbers.

Save Black Cats

The Pet Experts at Springbrook Animal Care Center believe black cats need help. While we encourage you to adopt one if you can, be aware that many shelters ban adoptions until November to reduce the amount of potential crimes.

As always, if we can assist you with any questions or concerns, please contact us. From all of us at Springbrook Animal Care Center, have a happy and safe Halloween!