Springbrook_iStock_000004679850_LargeIf you’re out back making s’mores over the firepit, it’s time to start planning some fall pet activities to share with your best friend. The days are getting shorter and there’s a chill in the air after sunset; seize the moment and let the fun begin.

Of course, everyone’s idea of fun is different, and that’s where we come in! For the consummate adventurers out there to the more restful, we offer a variety of fun fall pet activities guaranteed to please.

Getting Out There

We are so lucky to live in such close proximity to a world-class metropolitan area, and Chicago truly has a lot to offer your pet. You can pick from numerous urban dog parks, including beaches to stroll and play Frisbee on, and the overall culture of the city accepts and welcomes friendly, well-behaved dogs.

If you’ve always wanted to cruise around Chicago’s waterways with your canine pal, look no further than Mercury Cruises.

Keep in mind that the Spooky Pooch Parade is coming up on Halloween at the Chicago Botanic Garden. If your dog loves to dress up and show off, this is the right venue for him or her!

Closer To Home

One of our favorite fall pet activities is simply taking in all the sights – and scents – on the Riverwalk in Naperville. The brick pathways and bridges are downright charming, and you could let your pet rest his or her paws at pet-friendly nearby Chipotle or Adagio Teas.

We also recommend the Dupage River Park East or the incomparable Knoch Knolls Park. Please keep your pet leashed and under your control when visiting these popular spots; our avian friends are also present and should remain undisturbed.

If your dog enjoys dog parks and appreciates some canine socialization, take him or her to the Elmhurst Dog Park. It’s always a good idea to refresh your understanding of dog park safety and how to encourage obedience on and off the leash.

Memorable Fall Pet Activities

If you haven’t gotten your fill of our exceptional fall foliage through the above suggestions, check out these other seasonal delights to share with your pet:

We love this recipe for seasonal dog treats using fresh pumpkin puree, or for a fresh fall pet treat, slice up a delicious, fresh-picked apple and serve raw.

Lastly, cash in on your (or someone you know) catnip harvest and create a wonderful homemade cat toy for your feline to enjoy this fall.

Autumn Reminders

Our list wouldn’t be complete without reminding you to keep up with your pet’s year round parasite prevention, especially if you’ll be out on the trails or dog parks. Check on your pet’s collar, leash, and tags to make sure they are safe and secure.

The Pet Experts at Springbrook Animal Care Center wish you and your pet a happy fall, full of seasonal pleasures – and memories to last all winter long.