Portrait of a catBoarding your pet can rank pretty high on the stress-o-meter. However, if you find someplace with a compassionate staff and comfy digs, most of your fear and anxiety will fade. But how do you go about choosing a pet boarding facility?

In Good Hands

Of course, no one knows your pet like you do, but that doesn’t mean everyone is under-qualified to care for him or her. A professional boarding facility prides itself on safety and wants to relieve pet owners’ worries about whether or not their companions are in good hands.

Before Choosing a Pet Boarding Facility

It’s a good idea to conduct some research before choosing a pet boarding facility. Reading reviews online or seeking out a recommendation from a friend or family member is a good place to start.

When touring a boarding facility, ask yourself:

  • Is the entire building clean, well-lit, comfortable, and secure?
  • How does it smell?
  • Who will be monitoring or playing with my pet?
  • How often will my pet be exercised, fed, and offered opportunities to socialize?
  • How are medications or prescription diets handled?
  • What types of items from home are restricted?
  • How are emergencies handled?
  • Are my pet’s medical history and vaccination records required prior to check-in?
  • How often can I call and check up on my pet?

Look No Further

Your search may take you far and wide, but your friends at Springbrook Animal Care Center are proud to offer a full range of boarding services at our in-house Pet Paradise. We know how difficult it can be to leave a pet behind, so we go above and beyond to give you peace of mind. Check out our website for more information on boarding your cat, dog, bird, or small mammal pet with us!

Quality Counts

To provide the safest boarding experience for your pet, he or she must have had the following vaccinations in the past 6 months:

  • For dogs – Bordatella
  • For cats – Bordatella

And the following vaccinations in the past 12 months:

  • For dogs –Rabies, DHLPP,  H3n2 (full two part series) two weeks after the last booster, Intestinal Parasite Test (Fecal)
  • For cats – Rabies, FVRCP, Bordetella, Intestinal Parasite Test (Fecal)

Dare to Compare

Choosing a pet boarding facility can be exhausting. That’s why we offer the finest accommodations, including areas that are species-specific (your cat will thank you!). You can also schedule your pet’s wellness exam, dental cleaning, or grooming session while he or she stays with us…convenient? We think so, too!

Canine guests can lounge, exercise, and bathe in comfort and style, while our feline friends will enjoy a full spectrum of leisurely and playful delights (cue the fish tank!). Our boarding staff love to play and engage pets and strive to anticipate the needs of every guest.

Adios (for Now)

Choosing a pet boarding facility will seem like a piece of cake when faced with the moment you have to say goodbye to your companion. Remember, your pet is highly attuned to your emotional state, so try to keep your departure short and sweet. Leaving on a positive, upbeat note will help keep your pet calm and minimize stress.  

The Pet Experts at Springbrook Animal Care Center are always happy to help you and your pet. Please contact us with any questions or if you would like to schedule a tour of our boarding facility.