Apps_iStock_000076754759_LargeThe term “application software” doesn’t inspire a lot of action, but when you have the right apps on your mobile device, they can truly make life easier. While there’s no shortage of lifestyle apps, they can be a phenomenal investment of time and money (each app averages $1.99!).

That’s where the pet experts of Springbrook Animal Care Center come in. We’ve researched the best pet apps, so all you have to do is click, swipe, and get going!

Making Tracks

Leaving the country? Lucky you! The following pet apps can help you and your pet get around – or out of – town.

  • BringFido – If you’re looking for pet-friendly accommodations and dining options, your search is over with this super helpful app. It also contains options to find the best local groomers, daycares, trainers, and boarders. Not too shabby!
  • VetFinder – When you’re out of town and your pet becomes ill or injured, this app will help you find out where to go quickly.
  • Dog Park Finder Plus – This app comes in handy at home or out of state. You can search thousands of dog parks, beaches, and restaurants that welcome you and your furry traveling companion.
  • Tagg – This app is worthwhile should your pet ever get lost while you’re away from home. While his or her microchip is extremely important, Tagg comes with a GPS tracker that syncs to the app on your phone, making a reunion in real time inevitable.

Health-Centric Pet Apps

We’ve culled dozens of health-focused pet apps and believe these are the most supportive of your pet’s wellness:

  • Pet First Aid App – This app from the Red Cross is a necessity. Want to know how to give your pet CPR or first aid? This app could save your pet’s life in an emergency.
  • Pup Tox – Similar to the Red Cross app, this app will inform you about which materials and substances are toxic or poisonous to your pet. Bonus: it’s not just for dogs!
  • Animal Poison Control App – Want to cross-reference what you learn on Pup Tox with the ASPCA? Look no further!
  • MapMyDogwalk – This app helps you zero-in on your pet’s workout. Track mileage, speed, time, calories, and route alternatives for the best in dog walking.
  • Petnet – If your pet is on a diet, this app will help you accurately measure food portions in your absence. Although it can’t measure weight, this app can count calories to keep your pet’s diet on track.

Useful Training Apps

Whether you’re crate training or working on obedience, it helps to have a little technological reinforcement. Either of these apps are top-notch:

  • Dog Clicker Training – If you keep your phone in your back pocket, why not try to incorporate it into training? With this clicker app, you can really streamline your training operation.
  • Puppy Coach 101 – Oh-so-helpful when you’re housebreaking a puppy, this cheerfully designed app will make the training process much easier.

Decisions, Decisions

With so many choices, it can be challenging to know what works and what doesn’t. We’re curious to know which pet apps get you and your pet moving, so please contact us with additional suggestions!