Pyometra: A Purulent and Potentially Problematic Diagnosis

A yorkie terrier with a red bow.

There are many reasons why most veterinarians advocate for spaying or neutering pets who are not going to be intentionally bred. While some of these are fairly obvious (accidental little bundles of joy anyone?), others are less widely recognized by those not in the veterinary profession.

One common complication that our staff at Springbrook Animal Care Center see as a result of not spaying female dogs and cats is pyometra. This problem affecting the reproductive tract can be quite serious, and is a good reason to consider spaying your pets sooner rather than later. 


Betta Fish Care for Beginners

Betta fish swimming in fish tank.

It happens to many animal lovers at one time or another. You enter the pet store to get something else entirely and you walk out with a small cup or baggie of water containing a beautiful, colorful fish. 

Without a doubt, pet stores don’t make it easy to walk by the displays of Betta fish flashing their fins. They’re attractive and interesting, why wouldn’t you want to bring one home? Despite their easy-looking appearance, betta fish care involves much more than a small talk and some fish flakes. However, when approached the right way caring for one of these fish is very rewarding.