Bush Vs Tree? The Answer May Help With Your Cat’s Environment

Most cat owners are highly attuned to their cat’s preferences. They provide the right food and toys, set out the snuggliest blankets for them to curl up in, and always save cardboard boxes. 

Based on the widespread popularity of cat trees and high vertical climbing structures, it’s easy to think that all cats enjoy surfaces high off the floor, too, but this simply isn’t true. Your cat’s environment should reflect their preferences: Are they a tree or bush dweller?


Are You Fur-miliar With the Truly Amazing History of Cats?

Springbrook cat looking into the camera

Before cats took their rightful place as the dominators of the internet, their paths alongside humans had some hiss-terical highs and some terribly low points. Undoubtedly, the history of cats is a long yarn full of adventure, connection, near misses, and dreadful outcomes. If it’s been a while since you’ve appreciated this awesome species, we’ve got some jaw-dropping cat facts that demand respect.