The Snippiest Shorty Around: All About Small Dog Syndrome

If your tiny pup is the terror of the household, or the bully of the dog park, you are not alone. Many small dog owners complain that their dogs are little land sharks who get their way at all costs.

Unfortunately, these height-challenged pets can cause big problems when their behaviors aren’t corrected. Bites and injuries from small dogs are common, and often result from under-socialization and lack of training.

Small dog syndrome is a general term for bad behaviors. But is this a genetic or medical condition in all dogs? The Pet Experts at Springbrook Animal Care Center are here to explain why these adorable pups can become challenging and what you can do to put a stop to aggression and negative behaviors.


Your Dog’s Dewclaws: Decoration or Indispensable?

Many pups come with the advertisement that their “tails and dewclaws” have been “done”, meaning that the breeder has had their dewclaws removed and tails surgically docked. To many perspective pet owners, this sounds like an important thing. After all, why would you not want your breeder to provide an extra to you?

Upon further thought, though, you may start to wonder why you wouldn’t want your new pet to have all of its body parts. At Springbrook Animal Care Center we think it’s important for pet owners to understand what dewclaws are and why pets have them. Keep reading to learn more.