Queen Kitty: 7 Ways to Pamper Your Cat

Let’s face it, cats seem to be fairly easy going when it comes to their demands. Unlike a dog, who likes to be up in our face when they want something, cats play it cool

Because of this, some pet owners tend to overlook important aspects of cat care, like added attention and pampering for their special purry friends. Cats, though, love to be pampered as much as any self-respecting dog. 

Have you pampered your cat lately?

The Pet Experts at Springbrook Animal Care Center know how important it is to take time to spoil our cat companions and are here to offer up a few awesome ways to pamper your cat.


How to Help Your Pet Cope With Today’s Challenges

There’s a great deal of uncertainty right now, and our pets feel it. Over the past few months they’ve spent more time with us than ever before – a time that may have been filled with nail-biting, pacing, worrying, and without the schedule and routine they were used to.

Pets react to heightened emotions in a variety of ways, many of which can cause significant problems for them (and you). How can you help your pet cope with all the strange transitions happening around them?

The Balance

One of the greatest strategies for pet owners during this time is to simply keep up with your pet’s routine as much as possible. Be sure they get outside at specific times throughout the day, keep meal times regular, and play/exercise with them as much as you can (it’ll make you feel better, too!). Inconsistencies to the daily routine can be really upsetting and won’t help your pet cope at all.