Pet-Friendly Bug Spray for Your Home and Garden

Many of us want to reduce the number of chemicals we use each day. Whether they be household cleaners or insect control, the goal is to minimize these noxious ingredients from impacting the family and the environment. 

Your fur family is also at risk of certain products we use to control those household invaders, insects. Since we must exist among common pests, it’s only natural that there would be a means to control them that is safe to humans and pets alike.

Here are some pet friendly bug spray suggestions from your Pet Experts at Springbrook Animal Care Center.


Dog Days Ahead: Why Your Pet Needs Sun Protection

If your dog loves to have fun in the sun, you are not alone. Most dogs enjoy this time of year where they can be outdoors, swimming, hiking, walking, and hanging poolside with their owners. But, like us, dogs are susceptible to sunburn and other skin conditions, if they don’t have sun protection. Your dog may not be slathering on SPF 50 any time soon, but we should do our best to provide protection for their skin.

The Pet Experts at Springbrook Animal Care Center are here with some tips on keeping your pet cool and sunburn-free this summer and why sunscreen is important for them.