Help! My Senior Dog Stinks! Why?

By the time our best friends reach their golden years they are pretty much the perfect pets. They know the routines of the household, behave like the model citizens we always knew they were, and seem equally content to nap or go for an ambling walk. In short, they are wonderful companions.

But sometimes, a senior dog can develop a signature odor that is as off putting as it is suspicious. Don’t let that stink drive a wedge between you and your dog. The Pet Experts are here to help.


What the Fur!? Are Hairballs Normal?

It’s never a pleasant morning when you wake up to hear your cat hacking up a furball in the  next room. These disgusting wads of hair are the bane of most cat owners who have experienced them. 

A common question among pet owners is, are hairballs normal? The Pet Experts at Springbrook Animal Care Center have an answer to that inquiry and can also provide some tips on hairball prevention.

The Hairball

As they are named, hairballs are a collection of undigested fur. Hairballs are known as trichobezoars and vary in size and shape. Among the hairballs are usually stomach acids and fluids. Not too pretty, right?