Too Much of a Good Thing: When You Have too Many Pets 

For serious pet lovers, the idea of having just one pet is unbelievable. In fact, many pet owners have at least two pets as a part of their family household!

We completely understand, being pet aficionados ourselves. But there are times when having more than a few pets can put the pets (and the family) at risk for health and behavioral conditions.

In what cases is having more than a couple of furry ones too many pets? That’s what the team at Springbrook Animal Care Center is here to explore.

6 Signs That You Have too Many Pets

Sometimes it is difficult to discern when a person has more pets than they can handle. After all, there are always exceptions to the rule. For example, there are people who actively foster pets and can end up with several at one time, but the goal is a noble one. Then there are people who probably shouldn’t have any pets at all. 


What Is a Reverse Sneeze and What Causes It? 

You’re sitting on the couch with your dog and all of a sudden they emit a noise that sounds like choking. This snort and gag may have scared you. What could it be? Are they okay? This phenomenon is known as a reverse sneeze and it is something certain dogs deal with. As weird as it sounds, it’s actually nothing to worry about.

The Pet Experts at Springbrook Animal Care Center are here to explain.

What Is a Reverse Sneeze?

A reverse sneeze, whose medical term is called paroxysmal respiration, is a sneeze that occurs at the back of the throat. During a normal sneeze, air is expelled through the nose and mouth as a result of an irritant. During a reverse sneeze, your dog actually breathes air in to remove whatever is irritating it.