The Love Affair Between Cats and Boxes

Cats and boxes. What could be better?

If you own a cat and place an empty cardboard box in your home, it is almost certain that within a few hours, kitty will be inside. It is pretty much a scientific fact. It’s a phenomenon that almost all cat owners can attest to, but the question remains: Why do cats love boxes so much? The Pet Experts at Springbrook Animal Care Center have the answer for you as to why cats and boxes are so inseparable.

Cats and Boxes:  The Perfect Match

When you take a look at feline behavior, especially in the wild, it isn’t a stretch to see why cats and boxes are a natural match. Cats tend to be solitary animals that have a reputation for being secretive. They are also predators. When you look at these characteristics, it is easy to see why a box might make an excellent place for a cat to spend his or her time. Continue…