A Furry Bundle Of Love: What You Need To Know Before Adopting A Pet

DCAH_iStock_000066569031_LargeIt’s easy to fall in love with a precious pet, but properly caring for an animal involves so much more than your affection. While you certainly must acquire the necessities for optimal health, wellness, and safety, a solid pet guardian knows that it doesn’t stop there, either.

Adopting a pet is probably one of the most fun and rewarding experiences, and to help in your success, The Pet Experts at Springbrook Animal Care Center offer the following ideas… Continue…

Navigating the Best Pet Apps of 2016

Apps_iStock_000076754759_LargeThe term “application software” doesn’t inspire a lot of action, but when you have the right apps on your mobile device, they can truly make life easier. While there’s no shortage of lifestyle apps, they can be a phenomenal investment of time and money (each app averages $1.99!).

That’s where the pet experts of Springbrook Animal Care Center come in. We’ve researched the best pet apps, so all you have to do is click, swipe, and get going!

Making Tracks

Leaving the country? Lucky you! The following pet apps can help you and your pet get around – or out of – town. Continue…

Is My Cat Too Fat? Combating Feline Obesity

Springbrook_iStock_000022062805_MediumIn this country our pets are getting fatter and fatter with no end in sight. While many of us giggle and gush over fluffy, well-padded kitties; being obese is not good for anyone – animals included.

Cats who are overweight are at increased risk for serious medical problems including diabetes, heart disease, respiratory problems, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, and even cancer. No wonder that overweight felines live shorter lives than other cats. Continue…