Goblins and Broomsticks: Halloween Pet Safety Do’s and Don’t’s


iStock_000026029760_Large.jpgFall is a wonderful time to re-visit the lessons we all learned at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but instead of fictional wizards and witches, you may have to prepare for live ones ringing your doorbell and shrieking down the block.

While Halloween provides countless opportunities for fun, frivolity, and a good scare or two, your pet may have other ideas. While it is possible that he or she may seek out the crowds and noise, it’s more likely that he or she find hiding beneath your flannel sheets more appealing.

Whatever your pet’s preference, we offer these solid Halloween pet safety tips sure to keep everyone safe this year. Continue…

A Harvest To-Do List: Fall Pet Activities To Enjoy Together


Springbrook_iStock_000004679850_LargeIf you’re out back making s’mores over the firepit, it’s time to start planning some fall pet activities to share with your best friend. The days are getting shorter and there’s a chill in the air after sunset; seize the moment and let the fun begin.

Of course, everyone’s idea of fun is different, and that’s where we come in! For the consummate adventurers out there to the more restful, we offer a variety of fun fall pet activities guaranteed to please. Continue…