Dog Walking & Obedience Training: How Your Pet Will Benefit On (and Off) the Leash

Springbrook_iStock_000040645364_MediumJanuary is all about canines as we celebrate National Walk Your Pet Month and National Train Your Dog Month. And, for those of you who have tried to walk an untrained dog on a leash, the connection between these two themes is clear.

Training is an essential part of your puppy and adult dog’s life, encouraging his or her wellbeing, socialization, and safety. Like basic obedience training, properly walking your dog on a leash can be enhanced with initial training classes to help teach you the techniques to walk your dog with confidence and ease. Continue…

Ring in the New Year with Resolutions for Your Pet

iStock_000037649576_LargeYour pet can’t check out the Jenny Craig specials or sign up for the gym, but you can be sure there are many ways you can help your pet start the year off right. Whether fighting the battle of the bulge or overcoming the urge to crawl under the blankets and snooze the long winter away, your pet probably comes up against some of the same challenges facing many of us.

If you are thinking of your own resolutions, now that we have launched into 2015, why not include a few health and wellness adjustments that will benefit your pet, too?

Here are some ideas….