What to Do If You Find a Baby Bird

BabyBirdsSpring is in the air, which means that birds will begin building their nests and raising their families. It’s also the time of year when many veterinarians, pet stores, and wildlife rescue services receive a large number of calls about an orphaned baby bird found by good Samaritans who want to help.

While our first instinct may be to rescue what we think are lost baby birds, it is important to note that the vast majority have not actually been abandoned – and intervening can do more harm than good.

How to Tell if a Baby Bird Is in Danger

The first thing to determine is how young the bird is:

  • A hatchling, also referred to as a nestling, will be bald, with downy fur or pin-like feathers, and its eyes will be closed.

  • A fledgling, also called a branchling, will have some or all of its feathers, a short tail, and fully opened eyes.

  • Hatchlings usually fall from nests accidentally. Despite the old wives tales, birds have a very poor sense of smell and will welcome a missing baby Continue…

    Pet Loss: Helping Children Grieve

    SONY DSCAs pet owners, the death of a pet can be heartbreaking. But often, heartbreak is felt doubly so by the youngest family members: our children.

    For many children, the loss of a pet is their first experience with death. This may mean that they need some gentle guidance on what has happened, and what that means; while for others, it may mean a life lesson in processing grief and moving on in a healthy way.

    Whatever your family dynamic or beliefs might be, we hope that you can turn your pet’s loss into an opportunity to come together as a family and celebrate your pet’s life and the time you shared, rather than wallow in sorrow.

    Here are a few ideas for making this time easier on you all… Continue…