Breast Cancer and Your Pet

pink breast cancer awareness ribbonAre you aware that dogs and cats can get breast cancer just like people?

While many are surprised to learn that mammary cancer affects our pets, it’s actually a very common problem. In fact, breast cancer is more commonly found in pets than in people. Statistically, one in four intact (not spayed) female dogs will develop a mammary tumor, and it is the third most common cancer for cats.

Approximately 50% of mammary tumors in dogs and about 90% of mammary tumors in cats fall into the malignant category. Malignant tumors are what we think of as the “bad” kind of tumor. Malignant tumors are invasive and may spread to other organs, and are usually very aggressive.

No pet owner wants their beloved pet to experience this disease. Learn what you need to know about breast cancer and your pet so that you can help your pet stay healthy. Continue…

Why Dental Care Matters To Pets

dentalProtecting your pet’s dental health is just as important as protecting his or her internal health. In fact, they are ultimately one in the same.

While providing your pet with regular dental care can certainly reduce bad breath (which can be an early warning sign of dental disease) and brighten your pet’s smile, these benefits pale in comparison to the long-lasting advantages good oral hygiene can have on your pet’s overall systemic health and longevity.

Without regular dental care, you pet is at a greater risk for a number of issues that can and will affect your pet’s overall wellbeing.

Here are some examples of why dental care matters to pets: Continue…